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So this morning we met up with Damien and toddled off to All Saints in Ainslee. As it turned out it was All Saints day and the service was an hour later. So went and got some brekky at 2602.

Damien's French Toast

My Veggie Stack

Service was ok. Did a couple of hymns I knew which helped. Sermon wasn't really much of a sermon. Won't pass judgment until I go on a regular day.

Afterwards we went to Tilly's for morning tea, aka the brunch we would have had after had it not been before.

The rest of the afternoon (what was left of it after we'd spent a couple of hours chatting) was gardening and going for a drive to recharge Stu's car battery.

Tomorrow I might die. Just warning you now in case you don't get any more blog posts from me....

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