Fun movie night

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The boy was out tonight, so treated myself to some cointreau and vodka/vanilla coke, and watched dvds. First up, Stu's copy of Muriel's Wedding, which I didn't realise was directed by another of my favourite movies' (Peter Pan) directors - P.J. Hogan. Followed by Shakespeare in Love, which makes me want to watch Romeo and Juliet - which I also have on dvd but have only watched once as part of the Red Curtain trilogy of Baz Luhrmann.

/me grins stupidly :)


Yvonne said:

AW wish I had known your are alone. I was in ***** (Or are you in Canberra?) at your local shopping centre. Am now off for 14 days :) YAY! We should drink and watch crappy d grade movies and make fun of them.

October 14, 2006 8:39 PM


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