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You can't organize clutter; you can only get rid of it! - FlyLady

Well not entirely true. You see I have inherited a good combination of clutter genes from the parents. I have inherited my father's hoarding genes, but also my mother's neat-and-tidyness genes. So I collect a lot of crap, but I'm also pretty good at storing it well.

Which presents me with a problem at the moment.

At the moment the house is fairly tidy. I can see all my floors. There's not too much crap floating around on the other horizontal surfaces. Which means I look around and don't feel cluttered. Except I know it's all there - hidden! All my clutter is stored neatly(ish). Which makes it hard to get rid of, because I think well it has a home, so why bother trying to decide what to do with it. And digging into a draw or a cupboard to clear it out just *makes* mess. And I'm presented with the whole attachment-to-inanimate-objects problem that I have.

I also hate hate hate throwing out things that other people might want to use. So at the moment I'm piling stuff I don't want up in a corner, and whenever I can think of who might want it, I give it away. And things I can't think of someone to give it to, I'm either donating to the parents' church's opp-shop, or saving for a council cleanup so I can put it out on the street and whoever wants it can take it :) Maybe I should put a page up on my blog with stuff I want to give away, and the first person to ask for it can have it. Or join FreeCycle or something....


Dave2 said:

FLYlady scares me. She's even more frightening than Jeff Goldblum in The Fly when his body parts started falling off. I think that it's the smile... anybody who had a freak accident and became half-fly should not be smiling!

January 18, 2006 11:46 PM


Ozg said:

The idea of having a "give-away" page sounds interesting. Maybe we could start 'FreeBay' ....

January 19, 2006 8:54 AM


Yvonne said:

Well where is the list I have a theory that If I donate a box to St Vinnies WITHOUT looking in it, I will not miss the contents. The trouble is my mother and David go through the boxes and keep stuff, mess moves.

January 19, 2006 4:24 PM


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