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Lucius Malfoy

James was going to get home late tonight, so George and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I warned them they may have to clean up my drool *grin*

George just couldn't see how I could like him. And yes, George is actually a girl :) *Some people*, I don't know :)

Had to have a laugh over an ebay auction item that finished today - it was a Jason Isaacs autographed figure of Felton from Dragonheart. I had a look through the items that the girl that won it, "ladytav", had won previously .. seems like she is somewhat of a Jason Isaacs freak as well :) Although prepared to spend a hell of a lot more money on her obsession than me! :)

Apologies to my regular readers who must be tired of my ranting by now.. I think I must sound like a school girl or something. I tell you what, it's certainly had a big affect on my mood this week. I haven't had a new crush in *ages*.

/me floats off in the general direction of bed :)


Yvonne said:

The Harry Potter trailer has been released. The new movie will be here in July.. Got your ticket yet? I will have to go to the movies for once...

March 25, 2004 5:10 PM


kazza said:

According to IMDB, it's released in the US on the 4th June, and here on the 10th June. Hoping to actually see it before anyone in oz :)

March 25, 2004 5:53 PM


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