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It's a Girl!

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The only surviving angel from the batch I got at the beginning of 2016 decided to lay some eggs.  Two batches of them since 19 January.  Silly girl.  

Angel eggs

Dither Fish

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I lost some danios in the two foot a while back, leaving only some rummy nose tetras.  Except they're scardey-cat fish and will hide if there's no other fish around, not even coming out for food.  I wasn't even sure how many I had, as I never saw more than two at a time.

So on the weekend I got some more danios, and it seems that I still have four out of five rummy nose tetras.  Because the danios swim all over the tank the tetras realise that it must be safe to come out.

Silly fish.

I also got a bristlenose for that tank and it's already doing a great job of cleaning the algae.

Stu got some more rainbow fish for his tank, and he did a big cleanout today, so it looks all sparkly.

Shiny tank


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Chrissie came and picked up all her platies and the catfish today.  Well all but four of the platies, which I kept in the krib tank.  Platies are super skittish fish and run away whenever you go near them (let alone try to catch them).

Then I caught the two black neon tetras and the five rummy nose tetras and took them downstairs.  So far they still look quite miserable in their new tank.  I put a plant in but maybe they need some more.  Then I took all the plants out of the two foot and tossed them, scrubbed clean all the filter and heater equipment, cleaned the glass and fully drained the tank.  Will let it dry out completely before giving the gravel a thorough cleaning.  With any luck the scourge of the black algae will be gone after all that.

I also pulled out the dead baby angel :(  No idea what happened to the other one.

So in my AR-620T I have five danios, two angels and a cory.

In the krib tank is the old krib, five danios and four platties.

In a small tank downstairs I have the two black neon tetras and five rummy nose tetras.

Dinner tonight was chicken thighs and frozen cauliflower and broccoli.  Cooked up some rice as well and have three lunches prepped, as well as several containers of *stuff* cleared out of the freezer.

The last of my angels died a week or so ago.  But I'm a slacker and hadn't pulled it out of the tank.

Then yesterday the sweetie decided to move the last duboisi and the sucking catfish into the angel tank.

Which hadn't been cleaned.

His fish were dead by today.

I might have had a moment.

We totally don't deserve to keep animals.  Part of me wants to get rid of every fricken tank we have.

Also.  Gravity sucks.

Also.  I broke both my middle fingernails today reaching into things.

I suck.


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The upstairs two foot tank has only had three black neon tetras in it for the longest time.  I thought it was time to repopulate the tank.  So I got five rummy nosed tetras.  I've never had these before, but Luc had some at CIA and they were very sweet little fish - they school better than a lot of fish.  They've also proved to be great dither fish, and the black neons which always used to hide up the back now come out.

Rummy nose tetras


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It's very hot.  So hot the fish tanks have been overheating.  The lights are off, the lids are off, but the four foot is over 30C in the water - too hot for little fishies!  I've been adding ice as fast as I can make it but the weekend could be problematic, since there's no letup for at least two days.  Stressed ..


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Stu setup a tank for the multis today.  Four of the seven are now in their own tank.  Hopefully they'll breed without the duboisis terrorising them ..

Multi tank setup

New Fish

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Now that summer's winding down, I thought it might be time to try again with more fish.

Stu needed to get a new sucking catfish for the Lake Tanganika tank so we got one that had already been in harder water. 

I got four more baby angels (when I bought five last year, four of them died within a week :( I think perhaps it might have been some dodgy food I gave them).  There are two banded ones like this, and two mostly black ones.

New angel fish

And I also got a betta for the Macquarium



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Yesterday after brunch at Black Pepper and doing our food shopping, we went and bought five baby angel fish!

So adorable!

Baby angels

Although one of them is hiding in the corner most of the time, I'm a little worried about it...

Hopefully these ones will have better luck breeding that the last batch.  Which only took up the tank for ten years!

Update: the fish died :(:(
Last Sunday, after we did our shopping, we stopped in at Jem aquatics and bought ten danios for the angel tank.  Danios are supposed to be hardy fish that will tolerate the ammonia spikes you get from setting up new fish tanks.  They also had some baby angels that were too adorable.  Hopefully they'll still be there in a month, or have new stock.

First danios

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