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Two Julli Cory Cats

Rachel came over and brought me two new fish - a neon tetra and a cory. They were originally going to be for the big tank, but I decided that a baby neon tetra wouldn't last long with in a tank with two full grown regularly-pregnant angel fish, so I put them in the second tank with the other tetras and Julli cory. I also managed to catch the last remaining tetra from the big tank and put it with all the others.

So the tank fish tally now stands at:

Tank 1
* two white angel fish
* one red betta
* three glass catfish
* one siamensis

Tank 2
* nine neon tetras
* two julli cory catfish
* one red/blue betta

Tank 3
* two black angel fish


Martin said:

How do your bettas like the communal tanks ? I put mine in a small tank (as opposed to his usual big glass bowl) primarily so that he could enjoy the wonders of heating that a 'proper' fish tank could provide.

Unfortunatley due to the water flow from the filter he completely freaked out and I had to take him out again :(

So no heating for my poor betta :(

July 4, 2004 2:38 PM


kazza said:

My bettas are fine in the communal tanks, although they're in with relatively "friendly" fish. The smaller tank (tank 2) has a decent pump on it, but there's plenty of places where he can go and not get blown around too much, and he seems to be thriving.

July 4, 2004 10:42 PM


Martin said:

Thanks for the encouragement....

I think i need to create a spot in the tank with no water flow...

My betta has the best personality of all my fish, and he deserves a nice warm tank for the winter !

July 5, 2004 7:32 PM


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