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Today I went to the aquarium and got four little angels and a betta (Siamese fighting fish).

The betta is a beautiful vivid red, with a few blue and yellow highlights. I got two light and two dark angels, all with opposite coloured highlights. For the first hour or so all five of them huddled in the back corners avoiding the other fish and the strong currents. There was a tense moment as the betta (who had been living in a small cube of water, less than a litre, and probably has very little swimming strength) got caught between the bubble wall and the powerhead. I nudged him and he swam away, and hasn't been up that end of the tank since.

The angels are starting to relax a little and are wandering out in pairs to look around and nibble at algae.

The danios meanwhile are a little skeptical of the new arrivals. I even saw one of them nip at one of the angels. They've had the whole tank to themselves for a whole month, but not anymore!

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