Psycho angels

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One of the black angels is completely psycho at the moment. Whenever I feed them, he'll follow my hands wherever they go, and if I put my fingers in the water he bites savagely. Not that an angel *can* bite, since I don't think they have any teeth, but he gives a pretty good gumming :) I assume it's because of all the eggs around at the moment, but I'm sure he's the one eating them. Then again, this batch has been around longer than usual, so perhaps they are protecting them. A decent chunk of them have turned white though, so we're still not getting anywhere :(

Aside from that, did quite a bit of tidying and a water change this morning before allowing myself to play and read Prisoner of Azkaban.


Anonymous said:

Psycho angels. Will send to hell.

July 9, 2005 3:55 AM


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