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Ich is back in the big tank. The last remaining catfish looks a bit sad :( Will try and treat the tank or just him this weekend.

The baby kribs at work all got eaten within a few days. I should probably try and separate them next time..

Expecting big mama guppy at work to pop again in a few days.

Got a funky blue bubble light for the Macquarium, but it doesn't like the tank enough and bubbles violently which would be stressful for a betta in such a small tank. So will rethink the whole thing - perhaps put the blue light in the krib/guppy tank and get something else for the macquarium. One idea might be a rope light running all over the back of the tank which I saw done on one site. Someone else had made up an led "lid" which illuminated the tank really well with no external attachments.

Bit sad about the catfish still.

Current inventory of fish:

Tank 1
* two three-year old angels
* one three-year old glass catfish

Tank 2
* three pretty big corys
* four neon tetras

Baby Krib Tank
* six juvenile kribs

Tank "5"
* one yellow cichlid - probably Metriaclima barlowi ("Fred")
* one huge catfish ("George")

Work Tank
* twenty one (at last count a while back) kribs, some at breeding age
* two parent guppys
* ten four-month old juvenile guppys from original parents
* nine one-month old baby guppys from original parents

Work Bowl
* two of the four-month old guppys I think might be almost ready to breed
* five three month old blonde guppys I got off Stu in January

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