And then there were five :(

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Lost another Danio this morning :(
This was one of the males that had been in the big tank the whole time. I noticed the other day that his fins looked a bit tattered, so I'm thinking that perhaps the other danios beat him up.

This was all after yesterday I noticed that the female danio that was by herself in the little tank was either swimming around erratically or not swimming at all and letting herself get attached to the filter inlets. I didn't know whether there was something toxic in that tank, or perhaps she was just lonely by herself (more likely). So I put her back into the big tank, and she immediately looked better. And in fact today she is still swimming around normally.

So now I have just five danios left. The two huge females, two smaller males, and the small female. The other tank is currently empty, I'm not sure what to do with it. Daniel said get some canaries - ie, something cheap, that I can put in there to test the running of the tank. I might get half a dozen neon tetras as they'll look good anyway (assuming they don't all die :( )


Dennis said:

That's sad. =o[

I've had some bad luck with Danios a few times myself. There's probably something about your water chemistry that they aren't liking, but to be honest I never figured out what it was in my own tanks, and am ill-advised to give you any suggestions. Maybe you should consider having a sample of your water tested...

Good luck.

May 28, 2003 3:57 AM


kazza said:

I tested pH (6.5), ammonia (0), nitrites (0), nitrates (low) and phosphates (low).. what else should I be testing for do you think?

May 28, 2003 5:50 PM


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