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Well the leak appears to be very very slow. After wiping away the majority of the water, I left some toilet paper wedged into the gap between the tank and the stand, to see how much water would wick its way out. So far I've only wet two lots of toilet paper, and it evaporates before it even reaches the end of a couple of pieces. I also wasn't sure if it was coming out of the bottom of the tank, or perhaps a leak from the hood which had dripped down to the bottom. But there's no evidence the leak is coming down from the hood, so there must be a hairline crack in a seal somewhere round the bottom. The only way to tell for sure is take the hood altogether to see what happens, and then empty the tank and look round the bottom. Either way it's going to be a massive pain. I did water changes in the two smaller tanks, and used the water to fill a small tank from Daniel. I'll put the kribs in this tank and separate out the other seven fish into the two other tanks. Then I'll need to take the tank to somewhere like Strictly Aquariums for them to reseal everything up again. What a massive pain in the butt.

Further, ebay haven't responded to any of my emails. After reading some other horror stories on the web, I'm thinking they probably won't. This leads me to the only conclusion that ebay is evil and should be boycotted.


Dennis said:

At least it didn't crack all at once and leave you scooping up fish off the floor. That happened to me once, but it was only a three gallon (probably 10L or so) tank with goldfish in it.

You could always get some silicone and seal it up yourself, but it's a pain and takes a while... Hardly costs anything, though.

July 25, 2004 6:14 AM


JC said:

That's a shame you are having problems with buying from EBay. I've scooped up several items for ebay fodder, a couple old cordless phones, a nice cordless hi-fi headset, and a Playstation one. I might get fifty for the whole lot.

July 25, 2004 2:56 PM


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