Best thing since sliced bread?

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Last weekend I bought a couple of Siamese Algae Eaters (siamensis) and in a week they've munched through the vast majority of the dark green algae covering the leaves of the plants in my tank. They're doing such a good job I'm worried they're going to eat themselves out of a food supply! I may need to get algae blocks they can nibble on.

I also had a light tube give out on me this week, so I wandered over to Strictly Aquariums to get a new one. The dude was a bit surprised when I told him that tubes and hoods made by the same manufacturers were 8mm different in length.

My male danios are colouring up dramatically at the moment. Their anal fins are turning a golden orange. One of them is torn though, maybe the other males are chasing him a little vigorously :)

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