You know you have lighting problems when...

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...algae won't grow on the underside of the lights.. but more on that later.

I had a mission today to get new shoes and some new lights for the big tank. It turned into a three hour marathon, driving all over the city and back again and involved spending lots of money.

Stage one went well, I found some boots at Williams. I've been looking for boots for about eight months to replace my dying old ones which have completely fallen apart.

While in the shopping centre I did a price comparison on Harry Potter Lego. Grace Bros, er, Myer had 20% off all lego, but of course they only had two sets, one of which I already had. So I got the other.

Then the mission to get more lights for the big fish tank. I've already ranted here and here about the non-standard Aqua One light sizes. Well I trekked all the way out to one store that had the AR-620 lights last time, but they didn't have the same brand as last time, so they sold me a different one. I asked several times if it would fit the AR 620 tank. They said yes. Fine. So I thought I'd go to Strictly Aquariums to look for a pink light (the other one was a white light). Miraculously they had some in stock. (I really should go back and stock up on them - they're atman so hopefully should be reasonable quality). Compare with earlier purchased light. Different sizes. Fraggle. Trek back to store number one to get my money back on it. Can't win really.

So this afternoon I installed the lights and practically blinded myself. No wonder all the plants were dying. The new lights are so *bright*!! Did a water change and cleaned out a lot of the crap and dead plants. Really need to get replacements for the corys - there's flake decaying all over the bottom of the tank :( Daniel has offered me some of his kribs. Might try them out and see how they go.

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