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I've been feeding my fish different things, including a granular food. However the granules are just that little too big for the neon tetras, and so after feeding them, you may see half a dozen neon tetras swimming around with a pellet of food hanging out of their mouths, waiting for it to disolve enough for them to eat bits of it. It's the funniest thing.

Brown filter

No wonder my fish tank water has been so brown the past couple of days - check out the pic! That filter wool started off white two months ago. The picture shows the results of scrubbing the top part of the filter wool, with the bottom part a lovely chocolate brown.

I just happened to look under the hood at the top of my tank this afternoon and noticed that first well in the filter was filled with water and was siphoning back into the tank without being filtered. So I pulled it out and spent the next half an hour scrubbing it between my fingers. The old tank water from yesterday's water change is now so brown I can't see the bottom.

Of course all of this stirred up a whole pile of particulate matter that was obviously at the bottom of the first well because there wasn't the water flow to push it out previously. But hopefully now the filter will have a bit more "breathing room" to clear it out fairly quickly.


carlene said:

this sight is cool well cinna well add me carlene_jack13@hotmail.com :)

May 6, 2007 12:11 PM


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