Fishy Day

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New tank

My day started with a shopping trip to buy breakfast. While eating my breakfast sometime later, Campbell smsed me that he could come to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour. So we met up there and spent a couple of hours wandering through the place. It didn't have quite the same "cool" factor as it did when we went for the first time last year, but was still very enjoyable. I didn't take nearly so many this time, as it seemed a little redundant to take pictures of the same things as last year. I just tried to replace the pics that didn't work last year, and redo some of the things I really liked.

On the way home I dropped into St George Aquarium (where I bumped into Daniel and Fiona who were there looking for algae eating fish) and had a look for equipment for the new tank I got off Luke the other day. In the end I got some gravel and a pump/filter, but still need to get a lid, heater and lights. I'll trek out to Strictly Aquariums tomorrow to have a look for those.

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