My little man is getting picked on :(

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My little betta is getting picked on by both the angels *and* the danios. They're coming up and nipping at his tail and generally harrassing him. He's taken to hiding under a stick at the bottom of the tank, or amongst the wistera where the angels can't get at him. If he keeps getting picked on I'll take him to work and setup a tank there for him.

I also noticed the other day I had a snail. I first saw the tell-tale wiggle on the algae on one of the big leaves and the next day I saw the 1cm snail. The only way I could have gotten a snail that big was off one of the moss covered sticks I got of Daniel the other week. I thought about pulling it out, but for now it's doing a decent job munching on algae. If it does ever find a mate and start breeding I'll get a couple of clown loaches - apparently they love snails. I was thinking of getting a couple of loaches anyway.

The angels are getting more and more confident. Today one of them even ate some bloodworms out of my fingers.


JC said:

I love fish. Especially battered and fried, with a tarter sauce, with french fries....

March 7, 2003 10:00 AM


kazza said:

pfft! :�
You wouldn't get much out of this little guy - he's all fins! :P

March 7, 2003 9:04 PM


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