My fishies are killing each other

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All the angels are fighting with each other. Can't wait til I get the new tank setup so I can move the two black ones out. That should settle things down a bit. The smallest white one has severly torn pectoral fins. If they don't settle down soon they're going to start making themselves sick. One of the glass catfishes looks decidedly off-colour. That is to say, it's looking opaque instead of clear. If that fish dies too and I take out the angels also, this tank is going to look rather empty. Is probably time to start thinking about buying some more fish :)

Daniel has bought some anti-roach gel that after just a day or two has already made his kitchen look like a "battle zone" of dead cockies. I'll see how all his fish are doing after a couple of weeks and if it looks like there's no problems I'll try it too. /me gets excited by the prospect of no cockroaches!


paul said:

did the sugar and plaster trick not work then?

December 18, 2003 11:11 PM


kazza said:

haven't actually tried it yet :/
but definitely will get to it over the holidays while awaiting the outcome of Daniel's roach gel trials.

December 20, 2003 6:27 PM


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