Proliferating Plants

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New plants
Very excited, got lots of new plants for my fish tank today. Three varieties of dicots, some big leafy thing, and a grass. Also got an air stone and air pump and some long prongy things to reach the bottom of the tank.

I'm a bit worried about the temperature in my room. Yesterday it hit 30 and stayed there all day. It was hotter outside than inside though, so even a big fan wasn't much use. Today is much more civilised. I have the fan blowing and all the windows in the unit open, but still the temperature is 28C. We'll have to see how the plants cope over the next couple of weeks. Might have to look at some sort of cooling unit if they aren't coping with the heat.

Now my next step is to let all these plants establish themselves and then I can start thinking about putting fish in :)

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