I have algae!

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I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong with my fish tank - because even though the plants are growing like crazy, I didn't have any algae - except for a tiny bit on the leaves of the plants I got from Ding. But tonight I was sitting looking up at the lights through the front glass and noticed a few spots of yellowish algae growing on the front of the tank - so my tank is normal after all!

On Tuesday I borrowed an ammonia, a nitrite and a pH test kit from Luc, and tonight I got Luc's nitrite and phosphate test kits off Daniel, so now I can do some baseline tests of the water before I add any fish.

Ding got some fish for his tank this week, so now I'm *dying* to get some fish and get the nitrogen cycle started. I'll probably get some Zebra Danios on Saturday if all goes well :)

It was 45C in parts of Sydney today, although cooler here closer to the coast. The temperature was a bit over 29C in here - so at least while this room is hot, it's consistently hot, and doesn't seem to fluctuate more than a degree or two, which the fish should be able to cope with.

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