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Would have been Dad's birthday today.

This celebration was thirty years ago today.

Happy birthday Dad!

Dad's birthday

Hey look at Mum's Mickey Mouse jumper - Mum and David and I all got those on our trip to America in 1983, although we grew out of ours.  Mum still has that dining table (seats reupholstered) and the buffet in the background and that glass bowl.  

Oh and there's a couple of backdated entries behind the 747 one if you're one of those silly people who go to the homepage to read this blog.

Hockey One

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Thirty years ago today someone (not sure who, wasn't Mum) took this photo of our hockey team.  Yep I used to play hockey.  Not very well - I'm too uncoordinated for that sort of thing.  But it was kinda fun and I was a *lot* fitter back then - I'd run around pretty much non stop the whole hour or so.  I played I think from about 1988 through to about 1996.  Pretty sure I played through years 9-12, and I know I was still playing in 1996 when I started at Ozemail - which was fortunate as it meant I got to have a Friday-Saturday weekend, as a lot of the phone staff would get mid-week weekends and always have to work on weekends.  

Hockey team

Twenty years ago today I was doing some Lotus Notes training in North Sydney.  Pretty sure it was the trainer who had lost part of a finger getting it caught in a balcony railing as he fell (I think that was the story).  The training rooms had a great view of the Warringah Freeway.  

Warringah Freeway

I also found some photos of my damaged car while I was searching my hard drive for photos taken in July 2000.  But while I could remember coming home to find the car damaged (and an open pit in the footpath next to it - clearly there'd been construction work that day) I couldn't figure out why my car had been home that day - normally I drove to work.  I dug out my old copy of Lotus Notes and was hunting through it trying to find out what I might have been doing.  And searched through a couple of copies of Eudora for clues.  In the end I found an email from Luc saying "hope you're having fun at training" and suddenly I realised that's where I'd been, and sure enough the photo above was from the same day.  

Damaged car

Footpath works

Fortunately the construction workers paid for the repairs, so it wasn't too much of a disaster.

This was the first eclipse that I saw after I started owning digital cameras.  I took these out the back of my flat in Marrickville twenty years ago tonight.  My little Olympus point and shoot camera only had a 3x optical zoom, and no manual controls, so the photos weren't very good.

2000 Lunar eclipse

2000 Lunar eclipse

Mum took this photo twenty years ago today.  How adorable are they??  I miss rainbow lorikeets, we don't get them in Canberra - not enough nectar all year round for them.

Rainbow lorikeets

Another shot of the new Woronora Bridge, this one taken twenty years ago today by Dad. 

Woronora Bridge construction

This day twenty years ago I took a couple of different people photos, both in the office at work.

The first is of my boss at the time, Jim, doing manly man things with a shelf..

Jim the manly man

And the second was of Kin Oong, who I met on alt.unsw (or whatever that newsgroup was called).  Not sure why he was in the office that day, but it seems he had a thing for old cameras, as I have another one of him taken in 2003 with a different old camera.

Kin Oong

Nana Birthday

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Twenty years ago today a bunch of us celebrated Nana's birthday in Paramatta Park.

Even though I was there (there's a photo of me there), I have no memories of the day.

Nana's birthday


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Mum took this photo thirty years ago today of Vic and Gillian Johnson and their son Nathaniel who was two months old at the time.  Vic was the minister at our church for several years while he was at Moore College.  Vic and Gillian suffered the curse of the temporary ministers of our church, in that their marriage broke up some time later (one or two minister's marriages survived but several didn't).

Vic and Gillian Johnson

(Do you love our 70s upholstered lounge?!?  Mum had it reupholstered some time later which made it look a lot nicer.  We gave it away or sold it very cheap when Mum moved into her retirement village).


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Twenty years ago today I was playing with work's new Sony Mavica camera.  They bought it because its memory was floppy disks!  This made it easy for staff to use because they didn't need anything special to get the files they'd taken off the camera - they could just put the floppy disk in their computer.  It also did movies which was pretty cool at the time.  Of course the movies couldn't be very long when you only had a 1.44MB floppy disk to save them to ;)

This was taken of Tux and Sami's Vortex sitting on top of my computer at work.  In the background is a picture of Vic's white WRX, and one of each different colour of Yowie "eggs".


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