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Thirty years ago today we went as a family on an early bushwalk as part of the St Clements bushwalking group.  That bushwalking group is still going in some form, although I don't think we ever went on a bushwalk again as a family...

Angophora on Lady Carrington Drive, Royal National Park
Angophora on Lady Carrington Drive, Royal National Park

Group from St Clements Bushwalking Club sheltering from the rain on Lady Carrington Drive.
Ted, ?, Graham Reid, Evelyn Street, Peter Hanna, David, Pam Hanna, Diana Reid, Karen
Group from St Clements Bushwalking Club sheltering from the rain on Lady Carrington Drive. Ted, ?, Graham Reid, Evelyn Street, Peter Hanna, David, Pam Hanna, Diana Reid, Karen

Playdough Mermaid

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During the 90s some time I made this playdough "Little Mermaid" during a craft session with a lady from our church (the minister's wife, who lost their home in the fires, but I can't remember if it was before or after the fires).  I painted it with poster paints and had it on display for a few years.  But it was getting damaged and on this day in 2000 I photographed it in the back yard on the concrete before throwing it out.  Presumably I was clearing out *stuff* before moving out of home, which was in February 2000.

Playdough mermaid

Susannah's 18th

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Thirty years ago today we celebrated Susannah's 18th birthday with a party at her Aunty Di and Uncle Graham's.  

This is Jacqui, Kristen, Chrissie and me.  Don't know who took the photo, doesn't seem to have been one of Mum's.  Maybe Graham's?

Susannah's 18th

Canberra Day Trip

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Thirty years ago today, Mum and I picked up Nana and did a day trip to Canberra.  I was studying for my Ls at the time, and remember using the trip to read the road rules book I had.

First up we went to the New Parliament House, which was not quite two years old at the time.  Apparently we did a tour, but I have no memories of it.

Kaz and Mum at New Parliament House

New Parliament House

New Parliament House

Courtyard in New Parliament House

Flag pole at New Parliament House

Roof of New Parliament House

Looking out the front facade of New Parliament House

Nana at New Parliament House

Then I spent four hours at the National Science and Technology Centre (Questacon), which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It had only been open for a little over a year in its new building.


Then we came all the way back to Sydney, dropped Nana off, and I got a photo taken with the letterbox I designed.

Nana and Karen and the new letterbox

Gavin's new car

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Gavin was a friend I met at OzEmail in 1996.  We had a bit of a falling out, but became friends again by 2000.  He was into fast cars, and this was one he'd just bought, taken outside his and Fran's flat in Sutherland, twenty years ago today.  

Gavin and his new car

I really wish I'd started blogging years earlier than I did.  My early twenties are kind of like my "dark years" because I was old enough to do things on my own, but it was before digital cameras to take lots of photos of things.  So I don't really have much of a record of what I did in those years.  

Anyways, now that I've scanned all Mum's photos I thought I'd start blogging them, as well as my photos, and my early digital photos.  I debated for ages the best way to do it, and in the end what I decided was to blog things twenty/thirty/forty years ago as they come up over the next ten years.  

So January 1.

On this day in 1990 it looks like Dad went over to Nana's to install her new letterbox.  Back in year 10 in 1989 I was doing tech drawing as a school subject.  One of our projects for the year was to design a letterbox and draw out the plans for it.  Then we were meant to build it.  Well Nana needed a new letterbox anyway, so we discussed the design with her (she wanted a big section for newspapers).  So I designed it, drew it up, and then Dad built it.  Hrmmm.  I might have helped a little but I didn't get to do as much on it as I wanted.  Oh well.

Here they are with the newly installed letterbox, thirty years ago today!

Nana and Dad and the new letterbox

That letterbox was there for years, although according to Google Streetview it's no longer there.  Oh well.

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