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Mum took this photo thirty years ago today of Vic and Gillian Johnson and their son Nathaniel who was two months old at the time.  Vic was the minister at our church for several years while he was at Moore College.  Vic and Gillian suffered the curse of the temporary ministers of our church, in that their marriage broke up some time later (one or two minister's marriages survived but several didn't).

Vic and Gillian Johnson

(Do you love our 70s upholstered lounge?!?  Mum had it reupholstered some time later which made it look a lot nicer.  We gave it away or sold it very cheap when Mum moved into her retirement village).


Sylvia Johnson said:

Vic has re-married, but I have been unable to make contact with him in recent years. He left where he was working at one stage and doesn't answer the mobile phone number that I had for him. Gillian is still living on the farm out of Grenfell as far as I know.

July 7, 2020 9:47 PM


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