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Today would have been Doug and Win Cartan's 70th wedding anniversary.  Sadly Doug didn't quite make it - he died last year.  I've known the Cartans all my life - they were members of our church from before I was born.  Funnily enough I always remember them as being "old" - they were late middle aged from when I was a kid.  And in a case of it's a small world, Doug fought with my grandfather in the same battalion during WWII.  Wonderful generous people.  

This was from their 40th anniversary in 1990

Doug and Win Cartan's 40th wedding anniversary

Doug and Win Cartan's 40th wedding anniversary

And this was from their 50th anniversary in 2000

Doug and Win Cartan's 50th wedding anniversary


Sylvia Johnson said:

I rang Win and read the blog out to her and described the photos. She was absolutely delighted and told me to tell you "Thank you very much" She thought it was a beautiful thought.
I loved reading it too, brought back some happy memories.
Dad & I visited the Cartans on the way home from the hospital with you when you were born.

June 25, 2020 5:16 PM


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