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Twenty years ago today I went microlight flying with John Hales.  I put all the photos up on kazza.cia.com.au afterwards with this description:

A couple of months ago John, a friend of my boss's, had mentioned going microlight flying but never got around to actually going. I mentioned to him that I would like to go along too if he went. So he said if I booked us in, he'd drive us down. So I did. I booked in for Saturday the 17th, but Paul who runs Sydney Microlight Centre called me up in the morning and said the conditions were not good for flying and that he'd call Sunday. A change was forecast for Saturday night, so I did not fancy my chances of getting to fly Sunday either. Anyway, Paul called me up the Sunday morning and said the weather looked good. So John and I headed down there and arrived just on 12pm (with some rather ominous clouds looming in the south). There were not enough craft available for John and I to go up together so I went up first. It was amazing! It was a lot of fun, although very windy! We flew down to Kiama and round the lighthouse, then back again. I got to fly a couple of times (between taking photos). John had a flight after me. He took it more seriously and did a lot more flying. Below are some pictures from the day:

I didn't include all the photos for this blog entry.  If anyone wants to see the rest of the photos let me know and I'll reupload the original html page with all the pics.

The controls of the trike
Controls of the trike

Lake Illawarra
Lake Illawarra

Intersection of the Princes Highway and East-West Link (under construction)
Intersection on Princes Highway

One of the other trikes we flew down to Kiama with
Microlight aircraft

Jones Beach, Kiama Downs
Jones Beach

Bombo Quarry
Quarry at Bombo

Kiama Railway Station
Kiama railway station

Lighthouse and the Blow Hole at Kiama
Lighthouse and Blow Hole at Kiama



Returning to the airport.  There's a 747 parked in the middle of this photo nowadays, I really must go down and have a look at it some time.
Albion Park Airport

Final approach to the airport.  We actually landed on the grass rather than the runway, no idea why.  I had this feeling we were going to flip as soon as we hit the grass but it was fine.
Final approach to the airport

John Hales about to have his turn to fly
John about to fly

Andy, our pilot
Andy our pilot

I absolutely loved it.  And it's probably the cheapest and easiest way to be able fly.  I never did go again though.  And John's wife took one look at the photos I put up and vetoed him from ever going again either.  Oh well!!


Sylvia Johnson said:

That flight looked amazing! Not much around you. I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the pictures sometime. You certainly did some dare-devil things in your day. eg Hang-gliding and parachute jumping.

June 20, 2020 3:32 PM


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