Happy Birthday Dad

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Would have been Dad's birthday today.

This celebration was thirty years ago today.

Happy birthday Dad!

Dad's birthday

Hey look at Mum's Mickey Mouse jumper - Mum and David and I all got those on our trip to America in 1983, although we grew out of ours.  Mum still has that dining table (seats reupholstered) and the buffet in the background and that glass bowl.  

Oh and there's a couple of backdated entries behind the 747 one if you're one of those silly people who go to the homepage to read this blog.


Sylvia Johnson said:

I guessed the birthday photo of dad was taken on a Saturday because of the clothes he was wearing. Looked it up and yes it was.
Thanks for the tip to look further down the blog for later entries. I didn't know/remember that your car was smashed by workers.

July 28, 2020 10:21 PM


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