Saying goodbye to Red Car

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Our family bought this little Datsun 120Y in March 1978.  Getting it was one of my earliest memories.  Even before we got it I remember going on a preschool excursion and driving past it in the car yard (we'd already decided on it but just hadn't picked it up yet).  I learnt to drive in that car (well officially my first drive was in a Volkswagen Passat and I drove 80km around the back roads of Condobolin in a Land Cruiser before I got my licence), but all my learning was in Red Car.  I bought my own car at the beginning of 1997, and about a year later my parents got a new car, and they gave? sold? Red Car to David.  He had a couple of years but kept it parked in the front yard because there were already two cars in the garage.  Then one day and old tree trunk fell on top of it :(:(  David had it repaired, but it was never quite the same - the chassis was probably slightly bent and he kept burning through tires due to bad wheel alignment.  In the end he got rid of it, and one of the Bargwanna sons took it to be a rally car.  

Twenty years ago tonight Mum took one last photo of it before it went away forever.

Red Car


Sylvia Johnson said:

We had a good run with Red Car. David might remember but I think he might have just had to pay the registration on it. I don't remember as you said it is twenty years ago! It probably wasn't worth much as a trade in.

March 6, 2020 8:47 PM


David Johnson said:

I forgot that I installed a 2 way radio in it.

March 18, 2020 8:21 PM


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