Training and Zigzagging

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Thirty years ago today Mum took this photo of David's train set in the garage downstairs.  Dad originally built this on a different wall of the workshop downstairs, but moved it to this spot where it stayed til David moved out of home and took all his trains with him.  It was pretty amazing because Dad was into electronics and had everything wired up - including working signals!  It was probably Dad's toy as much as David's ;)  

David's train set

Forty years ago today someone took this photo of the locomotive at the Zig Zag Railway.  I have no idea if I was there or not.  I probably was, I do remember going a couple of times as a kid.  It was before Mum got her Minolta camera, so likely Dad took it and Mum got it printed.  ** edit:  so it was definitely Dad, and the whole family was there.  *however* Mum for some reason has crossed out the date on the slide and written her birthday.  I can't understand why.  All the photos are labelled 22.6.80, which was a Sunday, which makes sense for when the train would be running (the 16th was a Monday - highly unlikely it would have been running then).  Weird stuff.

Zig Zag railway

But what was funny is that just after the top picture of David's trainset in the photo album were these photos of the Zig Zag railway.  So they would have been taken in 1990 as well - almost exactly ten years after the photo above.  Probably David took those ones.

Zig Zag railway

Zig Zag railway


Sylvia Johnson said:

The Zig Zag railway photos had nothing written on the back and they were a different size to our photos at the time, so I wouldn't count on the date they were taken, unless you have information that I don't. I got my Minolta in April 1983 just before our trip to USA.

June 20, 2020 3:26 PM


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