Training and Bumheads

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Twenty years ago today I was doing some Lotus Notes training in North Sydney.  Pretty sure it was the trainer who had lost part of a finger getting it caught in a balcony railing as he fell (I think that was the story).  The training rooms had a great view of the Warringah Freeway.  

Warringah Freeway

I also found some photos of my damaged car while I was searching my hard drive for photos taken in July 2000.  But while I could remember coming home to find the car damaged (and an open pit in the footpath next to it - clearly there'd been construction work that day) I couldn't figure out why my car had been home that day - normally I drove to work.  I dug out my old copy of Lotus Notes and was hunting through it trying to find out what I might have been doing.  And searched through a couple of copies of Eudora for clues.  In the end I found an email from Luc saying "hope you're having fun at training" and suddenly I realised that's where I'd been, and sure enough the photo above was from the same day.  

Damaged car

Footpath works

Fortunately the construction workers paid for the repairs, so it wasn't too much of a disaster.

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