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Also while I was away, this blog and my email was offline for a few days.  There was some problem with my hosting company that they never fully explained.  Sounded a bit like a DOS, possibly from or to a compromised site.  Didn't stop the 900 or so spam messages getting through though...

New Blog

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So I've got a new blog.  Well, subblog.

For a while I've thought about my Australian holiday blogging.  They never seemed major enough to warrant a whole new subblog like my overseas trips did.  So I embedded them into my main blog.  But now I'm scanning all mum's photos, and there's trips there that I'd like to blog, but don't want to clutter up my main blog.  So I decided to create an Australian Holidays blog.  There's already a few trips I'll probably migrate into it, and I'll also start blogging some of my childhood holidays there (well posting photos anyway, and any memories that I still have of them).

Check it out!


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So today is my twelfth blogiversary.  

12 years.

Holy crap.

Other than that, happy birthday David Bowie and Elvis.

And here's to another twelve years and then some of blogging ...  while we remember the bushfires in Como of January 1994


Half of my battle with blogging these days is the whole *effort* of downloading, selecting, resizing, stripping geodata and blogging photos.

I have several weeks of photos to blog.  Over fifty actually.  Eep!  Lots of birds, funnily enough. 

Also, during the week I have nothing much to say.

Because I only tend to blog about stuff I've done, and I don't tend to do anything much interesting during the week.

But I've been really impressed with my SIL blogging every day this month and I feel bad being so slack with this blog.  I really do love the archive of my life I keep here.  

So I'm going to try again to blog more often.

Today I had my Sadie cap on, and cut the rules down on one firewall from over two hundred to a little over one hundred.  Cleaning makes me happy :)  Mind you it's a lot easier to clean up other people's messes.  My own messes are harder because I'm lazy :)

November and December were a bit of a disaster for this little blog.  I don't think I managed to get *any* photos online in a whole two month period.  I made up for that over the break, getting online over a hundred and fifty photos.  So if you care (I doubt any more than about three of you would), you might want to check out my November/December (and even January) archive entries.

I also finished my 2013 year in review post, which is at the end of the December archive page.


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Tonne of mysql issues tonight.  I suspect another user on this host is abusing the system (or being abused).  Either way, unlikely I'll be able to get this to post....  If it does it'll be a miracle...

Got onto their Twitter.  Site was down for a while, hopefully they were rebooting and it'll be better now..

Movable Type 5.2.2.  Trying to mark comments as spam from the comments RSS feed - clicking on "junk".  Multiple spam messages on the one entry, so multiple attempts to publish to the same entry.  Get these errors:

Renaming tempfile '/path/to/' failed: Renaming '/path/to/' to '/path/to/page.html' failed: No such file or directory

And then the page is deleted until I go into the entries management and republish it.

This is so fricken fail.  And yet I can't find anyone talking about the same thing, other than the odd comment in people's blogs where people have obviously had the same problem when commenting on an entry at the exact time as someone else.

I discovered a while back that if I mark various comments as spam directly from the notifications I get and do a whole lot at once, I can end up in a situation where temporary files lock each other out, and if I'm not careful I could lose individual blog pages or even whole month archives unless I carefully republish.  

Tonight I lost my blog's index page completely when my brother was commenting on an entry at the same time I was publishing another entry.  I have such a low-volume site (and humans rarely comment) that it's not usually a problem, but if I was getting a lot of comments I'd be pretty worried about MT just eating my content ..


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Why do people still read my drivel?  I don't have anything interesting to say.  Apart from the odd rant I don't say anything personal.  Even reading my entries from some years back it seems my blog style has changed somewhat.  I think I put more emphasis on getting photos online.  And I talk a lot less about work since moving to Canberra.  In fact during the week I often go for days without posting, simply because nothing out of the ordinary happened, and it seems better to leave the day blank rather than filling it up with fluff.  

So why?  Why are you still here?

Ten Years

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So this little blog turned ten years old today!

Happy blogiversary to me! heh

Ten years, or a quarter of my life in writing and online.  Ten pretty big years with a lot of ups and downs, four big overseas holidays, a wedding, a new house, a new job.  And mostly all chronicled here, to varying levels of detail.

I had no idea when I started this blog how dependent on it I would become.  Simply as an easy place to find when I did things or find a photo to show someone.  A place to put photos online for friends/family/strangers. My only regret with the blog is not starting it earlier (even though there really wasn't such a thing much before 2003).

I had wanted to update the style/design of the blog, but ran out of time, on account of being away the entire Christmas holiday, and having last weekend taken up by simply FTPing files up and down.  So I may get something new online in the next little while.  Maybe.  The best I could do was update a few things like the footer, my blogroll and the site description, add navigation links to each entry, and republish the whole site (took twenty seven minutes this time).

Thanks to everyone that's come along for the ride, it's been great!

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