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My domain name,, turned 18 today.


As a gift, my hosting provider turned it off from last night til this morning, and had it offline again for a good chunk of today.


In 1997 I started working for CIA.  They started Host1.  They merged with Webcity.  Together they started Enetica.  

This day eighteen years ago, Guy registered for me.  It turned out to be the first domain to go through under the new system.  I was even in the newspaperTwice!

Since then the merged companies started up new hosting brands and eventually got bought out a couple of years ago.  I literally can't even remember who by.  But a month or two ago they got bought out by Singapore company Vodien.  

Which brings us to the outages in the past 24 hours.  I simply can't trust their hosting anymore, so it's time to move on.  

I dread the thought of moving this behemoth of a blog.  It's going to be epic...


kapgar said:

My original registrar and host was Yahoo and I stuck with them wayyyyy too long. Then I went to Bluehost which was fine until it became too costly for what little I needed hosted. So I shut down all hosting on Bluehost and only kept them as a registrar until Typepad decided to start doing registration. Now I have two domains through them and love it. Barely paying more than what I was for my blogware by itself (includes hosting; registration adds $22/year, $11 for each domain). So I pay about $13/month for blogware, customer support, hosting, and registration of two domains.

Your host has an intriguing way of saying Happy Birthday.

July 2, 2020 2:12 AM


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