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ok so I've been a total slacker.  Dave managed to blog his three days in Sydney on the same day.  I *still* haven't blogged.  2260 photos.  The night I got home I downloaded them all off the camera.  Monday night I resized them all and viewed half of them.  Tuesday night I attempted to geotag.  Geosetter doesn't really like doing 2260 photos at once and took two hours to save against the tracks I had (the photomate recorded nearly 24 hours of tracks and still hasn't filled up yet!).  Tonight it was all too hard and I really haven't done anything. Oops.

I did fix the permissions on the mt-comments.cgi so people can comment again now.  Didn't take long for the comment spammers to notice :/

Just to add some colour, here's three Nokia 8210s, taken in 2001.  The middle one was mine.  Obviously taken at uni.  One was probably Luc's, don't know about the third... Sami's maybe?

Three Nokia 8210s in 2001

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