Comment spammers get their revenge

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It seems there is a new technique for comment spammers to get their revenge on those of us running mt-blacklist - spamvertise non-existent sites. Use compromised computers all over the world to create entries with random character urls, so that no two comments are the same, and therefore impossible to de-spam with mt-blacklist. All you can do is delete them manually one at a time >:( And of course the only way to stop an attack is to rename your mt-comments.cgi to something else.

I can see no point in spammers doing this, other than pissing off bloggers that have mt-blacklist installed blocking their sites.


Richard said:

I've just had a couple of those. I must presume that these people are motivated solely by pure malice. What nice people.

December 30, 2004 9:14 AM


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