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So this morning I changed the name servers for kazza.id.au over to VentraIP, but left the A name for kazza.id.au pointed back to CIA/Vodien.  Mail started flowing, hurrah.

Last night I'd uploaded the tarball and extracted it so I could see the content under the temporary url.

This morning I imported the MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin, and it imported happily.

So then I tried to get Movable Type to talk to it.

An error occurred

install_driver(mysql) failed: Can't locate DBD/mysql.pm in @INC

I poked and prodded a bit before putting in a support ticket.  Their response?

Regarding your issue, unfortunately our shared hosting services do not support Perl and Perl Module installation.
Perl-DBD which you appear to be looking for is not configured on our services.

Fricken great.  This was after I *asked* them if I could use Perl/MySQL before I even signed up.

Not Happy Jan!

So now I have to fricken start all over again.  But this time I have a time limit - only about 40 days before I can claim my money back.

They're even playing our song on the radio and that's not cheering me up.

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