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Two great days

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Have had a good couple of days at home.

Yesterday got lots of cleaning/tidying done around the house (not that you'd know from looking at it).  Also got some stuff done that's been sitting around for ages that I really just need to work on bit by bit.  And built Lego castles.  And watched Survivor and Rake (loved Rake, will prolly get the DVDs).

Today was more of the same, although more of the Lego and a jigsaw than anything otherwise useful.  We went out to Fyshwick today and hit five stores and picked a bunch of bits and pieces.  Watched some Star Trek (we're up to season 6 of TNG, where we got up to about four years ago but hadn't gotten back to since).

Here's the latest Hogwarts castle I got for Christmas.  When I first saw it I didn't think it was as good as the other two or three they've done, but actually it's not bad.
Hogwarts Castle
And this cool jigsaw I got for Christmas as well - many of the pieces are in the shape of the countries they represent.
Global puzzle

Sydney Christmas

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Boxing Day after lunch we headed for Sydney for a Christmas dinner at my parents'.  Lots of yummy pork and lamb.  Got some more Harry Potter Lego, and some inserts for our shelves downstairs.  Managed to piss off the SIL (what else is new? seems to be a talent of mine :/ ).  Mother loved the wedding photo book I made, so it was worth the effort I put in staying up til 1am the other week and driving out to Fyshwick on Friday to get it.

Stayed the night, then headed home.  Sutton Forest Maccas was busy busy.  Then got held up for a few minutes between there and Hanging Rock Road by a ute and trailer (or possibly two utes) run off the road.  Arrived home 25 hours after we left.

Stu and Yvonne looking at hipstamatic and other photo apps
Y and Stu
Dinner table
Dinner table
Yvonne's 24-105mm L series lens - very cool
24-105mm lens output
Yvonne's 10-22mm wide angle lens - also very cool!  Couldn't use my inbuilt flash though - it's so wide you get a massive flash shadow!
Family room
Yvonne was playing with her phone photo apps, doing 70s recreation shots of our Christmas tree (which hasn't really changed since the 70s) and then we tried recreating a photo of mum in the dining room.  Not a very good recreation since much has changed (there's aircon now, the picture has moved locations, the light has been replaced, the gold curtains are gone).  The table is still the same though heh.  Her shot obviously recreated it better than mine..

After photo
Before photo
Family photo
Family photo
Lake George has a bit of water in the south end at the moment.
Lake George
And as a note, Stu's car will make it all the way to south Sydney and back on one tank of petrol!  560km on the trip meter when we filled it up again!

Christmas Day 2010

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As a prequel, Potty called up last night to see if we wanted to go for a drive to see Christmas lights.

Did a bit of a drive around and saw some nice displays, but saved Amagula Ave in Ngunnawal for last (this was actually a repeat viewing for me, although I never got around to posting my other pics.. prolly won't now).

Amagula Ave lights
Amagula Ave lights
Amagula Ave lights
Today was pretty relaxed.  Got up and ready, and then we opened a couple of presents.  Or rather, I opened Stu's presents to himself (still in postage wrapping).. mine to myself weren't wrapped.  The most exciting thing I did open was the wedding photo book I'd had done for the parents' Christmas present.  It turned out really well (maybe slightly dark).  Have a couple of little changes to make before I get our copy printed.

Then wrapped up all the family presents and we headed out to Yass for lunch.  Aside from slightly feral kids going nuts with presents before we'd even arrived, the day was lovely and also quite relaxed.

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Came home and built the last Toy Story Lego set.

Haven't eaten anything since this arvo .. hope I don't wake up at 4am starving heh.

Christmas in a bowl

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One of my mother's traditions at Christmas is Savoury Shapes.  It seemed she had these as nibblies on most Christmas family occasions.  To me Savoury Shapes are the flavour of Christmas.

Christmas in a bowl
Had a good morning today.  Didn't really get any actual work done, but did get my news feeds down to almost zero (finished at home getting them down to 4 unread!!).

Had a somewhat frustrating afternoon.  Was going to go home at the specified lunch time, but then the sweetie asked me to pick up something from the shops, as did Annie.  So decided to go get lunch and do the shopping.  And the sweetie met me for lunch which was lovely.  But then I got home only to find I'd missed a FedEx delivery by a whole ten minutes!! Epic doh!!!  So called up FedEx and the only way I was going to get my parents' Christmas present was to drive out to Fyshwick to get it.  Grunt!!

So I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't just relax like I'd planned.  But then I read JC's update on his house fire, and Dawn's update on her kids and everything was put into perspective somewhat.  Coupled with an hour driving around with my sweetie and a couple of glasses of wine and felt a lot better.

Cooked a super nom roast pork for dinner (slow roasted all afternoon) .. also a flavour of Christmas!

Blurry lights
Blurry lights

Clan comes to visit

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So Sunday night George SMSes me.. is it still ok stay tomorrow night? 


What the??

So tried to remember the plan .. couldn't remember a plan.. remembered a conversation with James last time he visited, but that was the last I'd heard of it.  So anyway, no I hadn't missed anything, they just hadn't confirmed any dates with us.  So we did a quick cleanup of the house (we'd been meaning to do it anyway - honest!).

So Monday after work we all went to Bella Vista for dinner.  It being a Monday night I didn't bother making a booking. Because really, what restaurant is booked out on a Monday night?  Turns out Bella Vista is.. that'll learn it for being good heh.  They've changed their menus again, and it's even pricier now (average meal price is over $30).  But still just as good as always.

I had lamb three ways.  Lovely meat on two of them, not bad on the third.  Could have used a little more sauce.  Was very meaty too.. nommm!

Bella Vista lamb three ways
We all had dessert too.  I had a super delicious cheese cake.

Bella Vista cheese cake
The kids had gelato

Yes, we were outside because there was no room for us inside so they setup a table for us.  Which on an ordinary summer night would have been lovely.  But someone forgot to tell Canberra it was summer, and it was slightly freezing!  Still, once rugged up it was pleasant enough, altho they were so busy we think we got slightly forgotten about outside.  Oh well.  

But it was a really nice night catching up with old friends.

Bella Vista
So then they all came back to our house for the night, and were off to Melbourne today.


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I have to say I'm sick of epic crappy days.. they're wearing me down .. problems problems problems..

I suppose it's not really helped by spending the better part of Saturday at work.  And a thirteen hour day today dealing with the fallout.

And only about four or five hours sleep last night cause I'd left an assignment til the last minute, so to speak.

I had the idea a week ago and the deadline was last night.  USA time.  So actually this morning some time I would guess.  And it nearly killed me to get it done in time.  So it might not be the best for it.  But only getting two done instead of four so can assess the first round and make any amendments as necessary.  All will be revealed after Christmas (it's not that exciting for the rest of you, trust me).

Todd, I'm so excited that you mailed, will reply soon.

And something from my to-be-blogged pile.. a fly at the restaurant we went to for Nat's birthday


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