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I have to say I'm sick of epic crappy days.. they're wearing me down .. problems problems problems..

I suppose it's not really helped by spending the better part of Saturday at work.  And a thirteen hour day today dealing with the fallout.

And only about four or five hours sleep last night cause I'd left an assignment til the last minute, so to speak.

I had the idea a week ago and the deadline was last night.  USA time.  So actually this morning some time I would guess.  And it nearly killed me to get it done in time.  So it might not be the best for it.  But only getting two done instead of four so can assess the first round and make any amendments as necessary.  All will be revealed after Christmas (it's not that exciting for the rest of you, trust me).

Todd, I'm so excited that you mailed, will reply soon.

And something from my to-be-blogged pile.. a fly at the restaurant we went to for Nat's birthday


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