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Australia Day 2011

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Had a bit of a meh Australia day.  Some plans fell through.  Others were too impractical.

So I scanned photos for a good chunk of the day.  Got two more "evil" photo albums scanned.  One was photos from around 1989-1990.  

The other one was all my photos from the CRA National Science Summer School.  It was sponsored by CRA in 1991 so that's how we were all encouraged to talk about.  And now it's called the National Science Youth Forum.  It was a pretty awesome couple of weeks.  At the time I was most interested in Physics because that was my favourite subject at school.  So I was put into a physics stream.  But after seeing the sorts of things real-life physicists did all day (sit around big machines and crunch numbers) I was a little turned off it.  So it was a big influence on me choosing to do biology at uni.

A couple of other points of note from summer school:
* I stayed up all night for the first time while there (on the last night where it's expected that everyone stay up all night)
* I had my first ever proper kiss there.  Charles lived in WA and I've never seen him again (or even correspond)
* I met Hao there, who later became my second boyfriend.  He lived in Melbourne.  Long distance relationships suck. 
* Hao and I got an awesome tour of the Qantas hangars in Sydney from someone who went to the summer school and later worked for Qantas
* I don't keep in contact with anyone from there anymore
* There was graffiti about one the staff members (previous students) on a toilet wall in the library at UNSW.  I thought that was pretty funny.

I was thinking today I should wander by UC - I've not been back on campus in the twenty years since, and now I'm literally just up the road from it.

NSSS 1991
The other fun thing I found was a postcard of Canberra that I got at the time.  One of the small pics on it was a picture of Black Mountain - complete with both the old and the new towers!

Black Mountain old and new towers

And Potty and family came over this arvo for a swim which was nice. 
I never tire of taking crazy light photos.  I really should practise more and try different things..

Light painting
Light painting
Light painting
And here's a pic of the moon last week (full pixels - the 105mm would make this smaller :( )

Other than that a pretty standard Monday.  Actually had a bit of a lull in my crazy todo list so did some operational stuff.  Not much tonight other than a full backup of my hard drive.

Fly Friday

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Blogging now cause we have peoples coming over shortly for dinner.  Not that I have anything interesting to say :)

Always liking the fact that it's Friday.  Managed to come home, have a swim, clean the house and get dinner on, now at 7:20pm it's quite definitely beer o'clock.  


Here's a couple of pics I got of a dragonfly recently. It was just sitting on the flyscreen and stayed there long enough for me to get some (pretty average) pics of it.



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I cleaned my desk a bit more today and decided to attack a folder of photos that my mother had sent to my grandmother over the years.  Mum had put some baby photos and all our school photos into folders with nice labels and everyone labelled!  She would have done this with three copies of photos - one for her and one for each set of grandparents.  Dozens of names repeated over and over again over the years.  (In case you were wondering where my obsessive-compulsiveness comes from!!)

** EDIT: actually I think most of these were actually mum's originals.  When she pulled apart the old evil photo albums that destroy photos I think she separated them out for us, and gave my photos to me and my brother's photos to him **

Anyways.  I scanned the couple of baby photos and all the primary school photos and typed up all the names on the backs for each of them.  I then uploaded the group photos to Friends Reunited.  When I get the energy I'll do the high school ones as well.  

Como Public School, 1984

Seeing the faces and names brought back all sorts of memories.  I've been thinking I should have some sort of "memories" blog where I can write down everything I can think of about my past.  Not sure who it would really benefit though.  Certainly noone else is going to care about what I thought about people thirty years ago.  It could be interesting for me when my dementia gets worse.  Although chances are those old memories will be the last to go lol.

Nat and Andrew came over this arvo and we spent ages in the pool, then I cooked a pasta bake for dinner (no leftovers tho - doh!) and then we played a few games of Bananagrams (which is a lot like Take Two) which I won all three of, then a two-board game of Roborally which Stu won.


Moving Day

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I moved cubicles today.  Moved to the same spot in the next bank of cubicles.  Our section is taking over the floor mwooahahaha!  Got a few bits and pieces done and went out to lunch for Chris' birthday.  And got a slight early mark.

The pool is now blue again which is a Good Thing.  

There's a red-back spider in the garage.

Nothing more of any interest, so here's a couple of photos.

A Gak Gak bird yelling at me for getting too close to its chick (which had a broken leg or something and wasn't doing too well :( )
Gak Gak bird defending a chick

I have no life..

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Well not on a weeknight anyway.  Especially not on a weeknight.  Nothing interesting to talk about.  Haven't done anything interesting.  Boring boring boring.

I backed up my photo directory tonight.  Is that exciting?  Well all except the "masters" directory cause that's too big to fit on this particular disk.  And the UK photos don't fit either.  Good thing I have two other disks that *do* fit all those photos.  I have 38gb of Canon masters, and that's only 6106 files, excluding all the UK photos.  

I have four backup hard drives at the moment.  Two fit everything.  Two fit a subset of files.  I'm thinking of ditching the two smaller ones.  I mean what can you do with an 80gb drive these days *really*?  Besides, all four don't fit properly in my offsite storage location.

Ok that's enough with the boring talk.

Here's a boring picture of my dinner tonight - a lamb red curry with some very old lamb I found in the freezer, pak choy or choy sum or something like that, garlic, a chili off a Crust pizza, capsicum and mushrooms, with red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream, topped with cashews.  Well it was yummy anyway.

Lamb red curry

Had a decent enough day yesterday.  Did some houseworky type stuff, took down the Christmas tree etc.  And didn't leave the house.

Today I just felt blah though.  Dunno why.  

Didn't get much done.  Did play with my bucky magnets for a bit.

Bucky icosohedron
I was going to work some more on the wedding photo book but it was being a bumhead so gave up on that.

Went out in the arvo to drop off some old fluoro lights and a battery at the recycling place, then dropped in on Scott and Kerry before doing our food shopping.

Jake and Violet
Was still feeling blah when we got home.  I didn't feel like cooking and neither did the sweetie. 

So I had a TV dinner.

Veal cordon bleu tv dinner

Back to work

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So back to work today :(

It started off ok but got worse as the day went on.  All day fighting with a crappy crappy cobbled together piece of software, getting home and fighting with robocopy and people hassling me about crap equals a grumpy Kazza.

On a lighter note, I did start collecting photos for the RiotACT's bird week, had a yummy dinner of refried leftover pork and potatoes and watched some Monty Python while cycling.

Leftover pork

And so it ends...

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I still miss my three month uni summer holidays .. I know, it's been fifteen years since I had one, but I still miss them!


So the end of the break and I actually had a really relaxing day.  Was sort of at peace, so to speak.  Got my desk mostly cleared.  Paid some bills.  Sorted out some finance stuff.  Sorted some receipts.  Played Loops of Zen.  Played Canasta.  Did some kirigami.  Went through some newspapers.  Edged some of the front lawn.  Played with my magnets and made a buckyball.  Played with HDR, Camera+, and Instagram on my iPhone.  Cooked a nice red curry for dinner.  Watched some Star Trek with the sweetie.  Kept the kitchen cleaned up.  Did some washing.  Downloaded photos.

Really good productive day, with lots of fun as well.

I got this 7x7 cube for Christmas.  I haven't been game to muck it up yet!
7x7 cube
Bucky ball!
I'm really liking making my own red curries at the moment.
This one has:
A little bit of leftover pork, garlic mince and half an onion fried in peanut oil in a wok
Mushrooms and zucchini added next
Finally some red capsicum and pak choy
Add in three teaspoons of red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream
Nomm!   (I also added a small handful of cashews on top).  The sweetie went back for seconds :)
Red curry

Two days in ..

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So two days into the new year and I've already forgotten to blog a day!  Fail!! :)

Yesterday was pretty hot but not as bad as Saturday.  So did get a bit more stuff done.  We did our food shopping and for dinner I cooked some yummy salmon, asparagus and potatoes.  Potatoes were perhaps slightly underdone but the rest turned out pretty well.

We were even civilised and ate at the dining room table! :)

(pic taken half way through the meal :) )

Salmon dinner

Happy New Year!!

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So new year's eve started like this:

NYE fog

And then it just got hotter and hotter.

Documented a crimson rosella having noms in the front yard..

Crimson rosella
Then after I'd cleaned up the house, Nat and Andrew came over with Steve (and later on their friend David came over as well).  Chatted briefly before taking beers and noms and jumping in the pool (that spa bar epic rocks!).  Stayed in until it was well and truly dark, then Andrew and Stu attempted to order pizzas.  Crust and Zeffirellis were both closed (fail!!) so ordered Dominos.  Ate pizzas upstairs while Stu played some of a Miku concert.  Then we headed down to cooler weather and played a game of Split Decision that we got for Christmas.  It played fairly well, although a lot of the categories are just silly and you really just had to guess the answers.  My favourite round was Queen or Queen Latifa album?  Only three questions per round though - doh!  Nat and I were tied at the end and the last question was just a random guess by both of us, but I got lucky and won.  

Edgar the dinosaur
That took us til nearly midnight so then we got icecream and watched the Sydney fireworks!

Chatted for a while and then went up and played 16 races of Mario Kart.  Got to bed at 2am :)

Today woke up at 6am and thought someone had turned the hall light on - the whole hall was glowing.  Got up and the sun was streaming in orange.  So closed the windows and blinds to keep the heat out.  Then went back to bed and attempted to get a bit more sleep.

The aftermath:
NYE beer
NYE beer

Today it was just miserably hot.  Didn't really get much done all day cause just didn't have the energy.  Did clean out the freezer though so there's a lot more space in there now.  Found some leftovers that really need eating, so working my way through those.  

This afternoon we had a game of Roborally - super cool game.  I got lucky in my final move and pushed Stu off the finishing flag on the last program card.  Then we jumped in the pool to cool down and had some dinner.

Roborally boards

Have thought about some New Years Resolutions.  They're a little vague though.  I think a big one will be to keep my news feeds under control.  When they're under control and I can clear them out every day, I feel a lot "freeer" and it's easier to not just sit at my computer for hours not achieving anything.  
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