Happy New Year!!

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So new year's eve started like this:

NYE fog

And then it just got hotter and hotter.

Documented a crimson rosella having noms in the front yard..

Crimson rosella
Then after I'd cleaned up the house, Nat and Andrew came over with Steve (and later on their friend David came over as well).  Chatted briefly before taking beers and noms and jumping in the pool (that spa bar epic rocks!).  Stayed in until it was well and truly dark, then Andrew and Stu attempted to order pizzas.  Crust and Zeffirellis were both closed (fail!!) so ordered Dominos.  Ate pizzas upstairs while Stu played some of a Miku concert.  Then we headed down to cooler weather and played a game of Split Decision that we got for Christmas.  It played fairly well, although a lot of the categories are just silly and you really just had to guess the answers.  My favourite round was Queen or Queen Latifa album?  Only three questions per round though - doh!  Nat and I were tied at the end and the last question was just a random guess by both of us, but I got lucky and won.  

Edgar the dinosaur
That took us til nearly midnight so then we got icecream and watched the Sydney fireworks!

Chatted for a while and then went up and played 16 races of Mario Kart.  Got to bed at 2am :)

Today woke up at 6am and thought someone had turned the hall light on - the whole hall was glowing.  Got up and the sun was streaming in orange.  So closed the windows and blinds to keep the heat out.  Then went back to bed and attempted to get a bit more sleep.

The aftermath:
NYE beer
NYE beer

Today it was just miserably hot.  Didn't really get much done all day cause just didn't have the energy.  Did clean out the freezer though so there's a lot more space in there now.  Found some leftovers that really need eating, so working my way through those.  

This afternoon we had a game of Roborally - super cool game.  I got lucky in my final move and pushed Stu off the finishing flag on the last program card.  Then we jumped in the pool to cool down and had some dinner.

Roborally boards

Have thought about some New Years Resolutions.  They're a little vague though.  I think a big one will be to keep my news feeds under control.  When they're under control and I can clear them out every day, I feel a lot "freeer" and it's easier to not just sit at my computer for hours not achieving anything.  

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