Australia Day 2011

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Had a bit of a meh Australia day.  Some plans fell through.  Others were too impractical.

So I scanned photos for a good chunk of the day.  Got two more "evil" photo albums scanned.  One was photos from around 1989-1990.  

The other one was all my photos from the CRA National Science Summer School.  It was sponsored by CRA in 1991 so that's how we were all encouraged to talk about.  And now it's called the National Science Youth Forum.  It was a pretty awesome couple of weeks.  At the time I was most interested in Physics because that was my favourite subject at school.  So I was put into a physics stream.  But after seeing the sorts of things real-life physicists did all day (sit around big machines and crunch numbers) I was a little turned off it.  So it was a big influence on me choosing to do biology at uni.

A couple of other points of note from summer school:
* I stayed up all night for the first time while there (on the last night where it's expected that everyone stay up all night)
* I had my first ever proper kiss there.  Charles lived in WA and I've never seen him again (or even correspond)
* I met Hao there, who later became my second boyfriend.  He lived in Melbourne.  Long distance relationships suck. 
* Hao and I got an awesome tour of the Qantas hangars in Sydney from someone who went to the summer school and later worked for Qantas
* I don't keep in contact with anyone from there anymore
* There was graffiti about one the staff members (previous students) on a toilet wall in the library at UNSW.  I thought that was pretty funny.

I was thinking today I should wander by UC - I've not been back on campus in the twenty years since, and now I'm literally just up the road from it.

NSSS 1991
The other fun thing I found was a postcard of Canberra that I got at the time.  One of the small pics on it was a picture of Black Mountain - complete with both the old and the new towers!

Black Mountain old and new towers

And Potty and family came over this arvo for a swim which was nice. 


Fiona said:

The NYSF kiddies are here atm. Rish is doing some "mock job interviews" with them today. :)

January 27, 2011 7:51 AM


Lisa said:

oh my - how cool is that postcard!

January 27, 2011 8:37 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

F: oh cool!! :)

L: is way cool! I don't remember ever seeing the mountain with just old towers, let alone with both old and new at the same time!

January 28, 2011 9:46 PM


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