Christmas in a bowl

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One of my mother's traditions at Christmas is Savoury Shapes.  It seemed she had these as nibblies on most Christmas family occasions.  To me Savoury Shapes are the flavour of Christmas.

Christmas in a bowl
Had a good morning today.  Didn't really get any actual work done, but did get my news feeds down to almost zero (finished at home getting them down to 4 unread!!).

Had a somewhat frustrating afternoon.  Was going to go home at the specified lunch time, but then the sweetie asked me to pick up something from the shops, as did Annie.  So decided to go get lunch and do the shopping.  And the sweetie met me for lunch which was lovely.  But then I got home only to find I'd missed a FedEx delivery by a whole ten minutes!! Epic doh!!!  So called up FedEx and the only way I was going to get my parents' Christmas present was to drive out to Fyshwick to get it.  Grunt!!

So I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't just relax like I'd planned.  But then I read JC's update on his house fire, and Dawn's update on her kids and everything was put into perspective somewhat.  Coupled with an hour driving around with my sweetie and a couple of glasses of wine and felt a lot better.

Cooked a super nom roast pork for dinner (slow roasted all afternoon) .. also a flavour of Christmas!

Blurry lights
Blurry lights


Lisa said:

Savoury shapes + a few glasses of wine sounds perfect! MErry Xmas Eve!!`

December 24, 2010 9:27 PM


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