Sydney Christmas

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Boxing Day after lunch we headed for Sydney for a Christmas dinner at my parents'.  Lots of yummy pork and lamb.  Got some more Harry Potter Lego, and some inserts for our shelves downstairs.  Managed to piss off the SIL (what else is new? seems to be a talent of mine :/ ).  Mother loved the wedding photo book I made, so it was worth the effort I put in staying up til 1am the other week and driving out to Fyshwick on Friday to get it.

Stayed the night, then headed home.  Sutton Forest Maccas was busy busy.  Then got held up for a few minutes between there and Hanging Rock Road by a ute and trailer (or possibly two utes) run off the road.  Arrived home 25 hours after we left.

Stu and Yvonne looking at hipstamatic and other photo apps
Y and Stu
Dinner table
Dinner table
Yvonne's 24-105mm L series lens - very cool
24-105mm lens output
Yvonne's 10-22mm wide angle lens - also very cool!  Couldn't use my inbuilt flash though - it's so wide you get a massive flash shadow!
Family room
Yvonne was playing with her phone photo apps, doing 70s recreation shots of our Christmas tree (which hasn't really changed since the 70s) and then we tried recreating a photo of mum in the dining room.  Not a very good recreation since much has changed (there's aircon now, the picture has moved locations, the light has been replaced, the gold curtains are gone).  The table is still the same though heh.  Her shot obviously recreated it better than mine..

After photo
Before photo
Family photo
Family photo
Lake George has a bit of water in the south end at the moment.
Lake George
And as a note, Stu's car will make it all the way to south Sydney and back on one tank of petrol!  560km on the trip meter when we filled it up again!


Yvonne Kirk said:

Not that I know of... Unless you were 30ish years older and male You did not piss me off. Mystified

December 28, 2010 10:32 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

I mentioned the war...

December 29, 2010 9:51 PM


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