Two great days

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Have had a good couple of days at home.

Yesterday got lots of cleaning/tidying done around the house (not that you'd know from looking at it).  Also got some stuff done that's been sitting around for ages that I really just need to work on bit by bit.  And built Lego castles.  And watched Survivor and Rake (loved Rake, will prolly get the DVDs).

Today was more of the same, although more of the Lego and a jigsaw than anything otherwise useful.  We went out to Fyshwick today and hit five stores and picked a bunch of bits and pieces.  Watched some Star Trek (we're up to season 6 of TNG, where we got up to about four years ago but hadn't gotten back to since).

Here's the latest Hogwarts castle I got for Christmas.  When I first saw it I didn't think it was as good as the other two or three they've done, but actually it's not bad.
Hogwarts Castle
And this cool jigsaw I got for Christmas as well - many of the pieces are in the shape of the countries they represent.
Global puzzle

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