Clan comes to visit

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So Sunday night George SMSes me.. is it still ok stay tomorrow night? 


What the??

So tried to remember the plan .. couldn't remember a plan.. remembered a conversation with James last time he visited, but that was the last I'd heard of it.  So anyway, no I hadn't missed anything, they just hadn't confirmed any dates with us.  So we did a quick cleanup of the house (we'd been meaning to do it anyway - honest!).

So Monday after work we all went to Bella Vista for dinner.  It being a Monday night I didn't bother making a booking. Because really, what restaurant is booked out on a Monday night?  Turns out Bella Vista is.. that'll learn it for being good heh.  They've changed their menus again, and it's even pricier now (average meal price is over $30).  But still just as good as always.

I had lamb three ways.  Lovely meat on two of them, not bad on the third.  Could have used a little more sauce.  Was very meaty too.. nommm!

Bella Vista lamb three ways
We all had dessert too.  I had a super delicious cheese cake.

Bella Vista cheese cake
The kids had gelato

Yes, we were outside because there was no room for us inside so they setup a table for us.  Which on an ordinary summer night would have been lovely.  But someone forgot to tell Canberra it was summer, and it was slightly freezing!  Still, once rugged up it was pleasant enough, altho they were so busy we think we got slightly forgotten about outside.  Oh well.  

But it was a really nice night catching up with old friends.

Bella Vista
So then they all came back to our house for the night, and were off to Melbourne today.

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