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Yesterday Damien came over to make use of the war room for the first time.  They ended up playing a game of Wings of War which they thoroughly enjoyed.

War games
War games
War games

Then it was war on technology, with the media server not working while Damien was here (it worked first go after he left) and the buzz controllers refusing to bind :(  And then my iPhone wouldn't lock itself automatically, even after a reboot.  Go figure.

Today it was a war on a huntsman that tried to terrorise Buzz ..

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

Buzz huntsman

And not war related at all, but some pretty flowers in our garden :)


James and Buzz

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So James called me up this morning.  He was in town and did we want to do something this week :)

So said dinner tonight would work :)

So he came over and we got some food from across the road courtesy of Uncle Bill and cooked it up (and it was nomm) and then we played Julia's TV Quiz Buzz (which wasn't just TV, it was actually general knowledge and we quite liked it).  I won a game and the sweetie won a game.  Fun stuff.

And now it's 10pm .. whoops..

(of course it meant all my plans for tonight including cleaning my desk and doing some washing went totally out the window.. oops..)


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Last night we had three Daves and a Neil (Windy let the team down which would have made four out of the five Davids in our section attending heh) over to watch Yellowbeard.  Had pizza and drunk lots of beer and some of Tek's scotch. Then the others watched Time Bandits.  I tried, but fell asleep.  Ooops.  Apparently they all laughed at me when Stu came and poked me while I was asleep .. hrmmmmm

Yellowbeard Beer

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