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Being on call and all :/  Which fortunately (so far) has been relatively quiet.

Yesterday was Jake's 6th birthday party where I managed to generally avoid people by playing official photographer.  And where we watched the clouds roll in.  Party was ended abruptly by rain, before all the presents were opened, so headed back to the house to do that.

Harrison clouds

Jake 6

Today was a nice quiet day at home.  Read news feeds, started sorting out our UK bits and pieces for the scrapbook, made lots of panoramas of dams and such things.

Woods Reserve
Woods Reserve
Scrivener Dam and Molonglo River
Scrivener Dam
Tharwa Bridge
Tharwa Bridge
Lambrigg Lookout, Tidbinbilla Road
Lambrigg Lookout on Tidbinbilla Road

Corin Dam
Corin Dam
Have pork roasting and watching Masterchef... is making me hungry!!


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Well after building up my flex time from minus hours up to about four hours, I blew the lot of it this afternoon on a BBQ at Tony's place.  This was to celebrate completing a project in record time - dev-test-prod-release in two weeks! Don't think that's ever been done before heh.

So had some wine, beer, cheese, fruit, prawns and other nibblies.. and then came the BBQ! Oops! :)

It was a gorgeous spring day too.. was definitely nicer than being at work :)
Just lots and lots of shredded beef peking style, some highly nommorific shan tung lamb and some nice veggies.  

Damien and Amanda had recently gotten back from two months in Europe, so most of the evening was spent swapping travel stories.  Was lots of fun :)  And then the boys got onto war games, so Amanda and I kinda tuned out ;)

Survivor started 40 minutes late tonight, so late night for the Kazza .. :/

Cold October weekend

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So yesterday morning I woke up to snow.  


Actually I suppose you'd call it sleet, as there was plenty of rain too, but mixed in were little flurries of snow, which was epic cool!!

October snow
Did our food shopping, then spent the afternoon trying to tidy up the house.

I like how these coins arranged themselves when I dropped them on my desk the other day.

Coin drop

Then headed over to Nat and Andrew's and ordered Crust pizzas for dinner.  The winner for me was the "Peking Duck" pizza - with a hoisin sauce base and duck and a couple of whole leaves of bok choy.  Yum yum yum.

Crust Peking Duck Pizza

Had a go at iPad scrabble since we had four i-devices to use.  Worked ok, except that the phones kept dropping out :(  

iPad scrabble

Also played all 32 races of Mario Kart in a row.

Mario Kart scores

Today was final cleaning of the house, and then the Canberra Killifish Study Group which we had at our place.  Six fishy geeks plus Stu :)  After they had a tour of all our fish tanks they had their meeting.  I heated up lunch.

Afterwards headed out to Corin Dam, but will put all of that in a separate post.

Scrivener Open

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The quest for ACT dams continues.  This time Scrivener with one of its flood gates open!

Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
Molonglo River in flood
Scrivener Dam
Scrivener Dam
It was pretty awesome!! :)

Tonight we watched James May's Toy Stories (Airfix) and a documentary on Berlin.

And opened the Laphroig - yum!

And am attempting to delete my failed Recycle Bin ... hopefully it'll clear 31gb ..

Cotter Dam and stuff

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Even though the weather wasn't the best, headed out to Cotter Dam yesterday to look at the new viewing platform and the work on the new dam.

Cotter Discovery Trail board
Cotter Dam viewing platform
Old Cotter Dam
New Cotter Dam in progress
A female satin bowerbird - freaky purple eyes!

Female satin bowerbird
For dinner we went to Potty's for some beer and very yummy Thai takeaway.  Violet is huge!  She's six months old and about the size of a regular nine month old!

Violet six months

Spring Saturday

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I'm still pissed that iTunes lost all my Trip Journal GPS tracks.  The same backup/restore didn't wipe the iPhone "notes" I took during the trip, just the Trip Journal stuff.  I dread to think how many photos I took out the window of the car that I'll never be able to find now :(  Had a couple of beers at lunch at work yesterday which helped a little.  But not much.

Today was ok.  Built some Lego.  Read lots of news feeds.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Tried to sort out finances (with the intent to figure out how much our holiday cost us in the end).  Dreading doing tax return.  

Watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone tonight.  Was epic cool to see all the been-there's we saw last month :)

Every time I think about my GPS tracks I get sad again .. *sigh*


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Well I'm quite convinced that if I stopped blogging and tweeting noone would even notice, much less care.  My last tweet was a week ago and only two people commented - my brother and a friend who doesn't have a twitter account.  I considered stopping blogging/tweeting altogether.  I considered going somewhere else and starting again or going totally private.  But I have to keep coming back to the only real reason I blog - it's just too good a diary not to.  The years before I started blogging are almost like the dark ages, where I don't really know what I was doing from day to day.  I love the chronicle, and going back to find out when I did things.  And all the photos.  And occasionally reading a random month or search results and reading stuff I'd completely forgotten about.  Twitter is a supplement to the blog, and records stuff that doesn't seem blogworthy enough for a whole post.  It's crap as an online archive, but regular backups mean I still have an offline record.  So as much as I'd like to wait around for someone to miss me, I doubt that'll happen any time soon, and not blogging is hurting me more than anyone else.

So we got back from Japan and the UK on Saturday morning.  Managed to survive most of the day before collapsing at 4pm for a couple of hours.  Slept ok Saturday night and was basically fine on Sunday.  Although did stay up waaaayyy too late on Sunday night.  Whoops.  Monday was more recovery from Sunday than from jetlag heh.  

The holiday was decent enough.  The biggest downer was the weather.  It was grey most of the time.  Rainy a lot.  Very little sunlight.  Which is pretty depressing as a photographer.  And Legoland was closed the last two days we were there, which is when we were planning to go.  I, of course, was devastated.  It was supposed to be one good thing to finish the trip off on, and instead it was the biggest let down.  It really soured my mood about the whole trip and harder to think of the highlights.  Which included our first day in London, Harry Potter filming locations, some lovely cathedrals and Scotland.  We also missed quite a few things I wanted to see because we didn't have the time. And the things we did see were rushed.  But I'm not planning to go back any time soon (except maybe to Edinburgh, and Legoland if I can face it) as there's too many other places in the world to see.  I took around 12000 photos (haven't got an exact count yet).  I still haven't seen most of them.

Our weeping cherry tree was nice enough to wait til late September to flower this year.  It made me very happy to come home and see it in full bloom.

Cherry tree
In the afternoon there was a cool rainbow

October rainbow
Tonight there were storms south of us, and Mt Ainslie was all black, the sky was dark, but it was sunny on the foreground.  Made for some cool lighting conditions.

October rain
Although this spider freaked me out by coming up next to me while I was taking photos out the window.

I spent some time on the weekend building this model of Tower Bridge I picked up in London.  It was quite fun to build, but not really a puzzle, as all the pieces are numbered and there's instructions.  But a pretty cool result.

Tower Bridge model
And even cooler?  An email from Lego on the weekend with a Lego version!!

Tower Bridge Lego
This of course I must have.  The Lego version doesn't have the other piers on the ends, so I'll probably get some extra bricks off BrickLink and make up my own.

For reference, the real thing - 

Tower Bridge, London
So it was back to work today.  I had planned to spend an easy day getting back into things, reading emails etc.  And mostly that's what I did.  Took til around mid afternoon to get through five weeks of emails.  I did get given two projects, both of which are fairly urgent.  One will be significantly easier than the other though.  And also got caught up in *problems* which are just painful and suck time like you have it to spare.

Epic win of the day was an incorrect shelf price at Toys R Us, which meant I got the Toy Story garbage truck in Lego (RRP $99.99 and $109.99 normally at Toys R Us) for $65.99 !!  Epic win!!  Only one more Toy Story set to go now.  And the new Imperial Shuttle.  And the new Diagon Alley.  And the Eiffel Tower.

With daylight savings, and a beautiful warm afternoon/evening, it felt like summer.  Had a walk, dusting done and two episodes of Survivor watched before 8pm.  And the sweetie cooked dinner :)

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