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Have had a bit too much life going on this week to be up to blogging much .. things are not likely to settle down for a little while yet either!


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Continuing our UK planning.  Have Japan and first half of London hotels and car hire booked.

Looked up a few bits and pieces tonight.

Hardest bit now will be deciding what we'll need to cut out, cause we won't have time for everything.

I so want to do this (but probably not all on one day).

Wet weekend

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Did absolutely no UK planning this weekend.  The closest I came to UK planning was trying to watch Harry Potter (1) to take screen shots of places I want to go to next month.  Except my computer won't play commercial DVDs anymore.  I'm guessing it's some kind of Winblows 7 failness that's blocking commercial DVDs (I can play DVDs I've burnt myself without any problems).  So got quite depressed about the whole thing last night.

Other than that.  Went and saw Not the Messiah yesterday.  Created panoramas.  Did a big tidy up of the piles of paper on top of our filing cabinet.  Panicked because I thought we'd poisoned the neighbour's goat yesterday.  Sorted out the previous house owner's mail that we still get (some SPAM to be RTS, some to take direct to outlets to change addresses, some to drop off at their new house).  Did our food shopping.  Vacuumed behind the bed (1.5 years of accumulated dust - ewwwwww!!).  Cooked a beef stroganoff.  

So sitting here waiting for dinner to be ready and enjoying the shiraz we needed for the stroganoff.  

Also enjoying our lovely cosy house on such a wet and miserable Sunday (which I should point out started off absolutely gloriously!!) :)
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