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Productive evening

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This afternoon had carpet cleaners come by to clean this enormous space

Lounge room
They said this was an easy job, as they usually have to move furniture around.  So they did the lounge/dining/study/hall/bedroom in half an hour!

Then ploughed through my Monday night housework.

Paid some bills.

Backed up my computer.

And did my tax.

Yesterday morning we went to As Nature Intended for breakfast.

As Nature Intended
As Nature Intended
Then went to Bunnings and also did our food shopping.

Pretty much the rest of the weekend (aside from the Nara Candle Festival) was spent cleaning and tidying around the house.  Spent quite a while yesterday cleaning the pool while the sweetie did some gardening.  Organised a big pile of computer bits and pieces.  Did some video dubbing (until the DVD player had an error - hoping not a permanent one).  Freecycled our leather lounge suite (the one Stu got on Freecycle when he moved to Canberra in 2006).  Cleared everything off the lounge and study floors.  

The space in here looks *massive* at the moment.  It's quite nice to not see clutter everywhere!  It got to the point tonight where you could *finally* see all the effort that I put in all weekend.  At least in here.  The dining table, family room and downstairs are another matter...


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Watched Deathly Hallows Part 1 with the sweetie tonight - probably actually the first time I'd seen it since seeing it at the movies a couple of years ago.

Prior to that - got off the bus to find the neighbour's dogs roaming the street, and goat poo all over the front steps and a decimated climbing rose bush.  Neighbour thinks someone's come in and left *both* gates open.  A little scary!  She's been broken into before, wonder if someone had tried again.

Prior to that - drinkies at the Pot Belly with Neil and Chris B and Simon.

Prior to that - ok day at work, doing bits and pieces.

Prior to that - recovering from the cold I had.  Nearly better.  This is a good thing.


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So got up, got ready, debated going to work, but in the end went back to bed.  Blah.

I did achieve one thing today .. actually two things... figured out how to get SNMP working on the router (this helped), and got rid of three old computers, a case, lots of expansion cards, cables, RAM, disk drives, floppy disks, hard disks and a monitor.

Productive Weekend

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So where were we up to?  Hrmmm.. Wednesday.  Will add some photos to this post later.  At the moment I'm in transition and I don't want to lose things.

Thursday was Neil's birthday, and we got invited over to Chris B's.  Picked up some sausages and headed over.  Trampolined with Margaret which was fun.  Lots of food, lots of booze, a pretty good night :)

Friday, pub lunch at the Lighty.  I had quite a nice calamari salad.  Then shared a bottle of bubbly with Neil and Doc after work.

Saturday did some video dubbing to DVD.  Then out to vote and do some shopping.  Gave away some things on Freecycle.  Did some bits and pieces around the house and more dubbing.  Went over to Potty's for pizza and Jake's birthday party.  Lots of peoples there.

Sunday morning I spent an hour and a half in the back garden hacking a path to the back gate (I should have taken a "before and after" photo to show the difference!).  And gave away the Hills Hoist that we've been wanting to give away since we moved in four years ago.  Yayyyyyy!!  Cooked some okonamiyaki for lunch in an attempt to get through our veggie box.  Watched The Last Samurai with the sweetie.  Responded to a wanted on Freecycle from someone wanting computers for "homework" heh.  Hopefully he'll take the three working computers and any other bits and pieces that he might find useful.  So spent the evening sorting all the computer crap into piles to give away and piles to keep, and wiping hard drives.

The back yard is a disaster.  We have this very vigorous plantage at the side fence that is taking over.  Even if we chop it back, we'll have piles and piles of vegetation to get rid of.  Not entirely sure how to go about doing that.  Heck even with a green waste bin it'd be a challenge.  Might have to revisit the idea of a gardener...


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Random Days Off are pretty awesome.  Did some tidying up downstairs.  Did some tidying up upstairs.  Got the VHS/DVD-R going so I can digitise some videos.  Got a new toy.  She shall be known as Amy.

Video Night!

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Last night a couple of Daves, a Neil, a Steve and a Simon came over for a video night.  We'd planned the night for a date which Neil and I were not on call.  But alas, the person who was meant to do on call had a great fall (we're calling him Humpty now) and I ended up with it :(  

But anyway.  

We watched Johnny Mnemonic first up.  Not a bad movie (based on a story by William Gibson) but the acting was *terrible*!!  It was quite painful to watch heh.

Then we watched This is Spinal Tap, which I'd never seen before.  It was pretty funny.  

We ordered six Encore pizzas which were demolished in short order, and an *awful lot* of beer was drunk.  Considering two people were driving, there must have been a couple of people that drunk *a lot* of beer.. heh

October Video Night
October Video Night

Good times :)

Moving Feast

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So what, a week and a half ago now, I went out with Tony and various relations of his and Heather's to the "Moving Feast" at the wineries of Murrambateman.

The first winery was Clonakilla.  When we arrived there was only a small group of people there.  But just as we arrived, several other groups arrived as well.  So it made the place crowded and stressful.  But the dude was fairly organised and was able to serve everyone without too much trouble.

Moving Feast
Moving Feast
Moving Feast

Second stop was the Four Winds Vineyard.  This place was a lot more crowded and stressful with people milling around and jostling to get to the front.  We ordered pizzas here ($18 including a glass of wine).  I ordered a "salami" pizza - salami, olives, cheese and pizza sauce.  Then went to sample a few wines.  Only tried a few before the pizzas arrived!  Luckily we'd managed to acquire a table for everyone, so that was pretty good.  Had a slice of the "potato" pizza which was also pretty good.  Finished off with a taste of their dessert wine.

Moving Feast
Salami pizza goodness!
Moving Feast
Four Winds Vineyard
Moving Feast

The next stop was Yass Valley Wines for dessert.  This place had a lovely semi-outdoor eating area with a beautiful outlook to the vineyard.  But they were completely and utterly unorganised.  We had to order at the cafeteria area out the back, but then had to go back out to the front to pay.  But they only had one person on out the front, who was also doing the wine tastings.  So it was all a bit of a shamozzle.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  They were so unorganised they'd forgotten about us, and several other groups came and went having ordered full meals.  All we wanted was chocolate cake!  Absolutely pathetic.  As it turned out, we waited just over an hour for a poorly presented piece of chocolate cake and ice cream.

Moving Feast
Moving Feast
Only good thing I could say about this place was the lovely eating area out the back
Moving Feast
Moving Feast
I paid $18 for this????  Hopeless!
Moving Feast
I complained to Tony that the reflection off his head overexposed the photo, but it turned out all right :)
Moving Feast

Our final stop was Eden Road Wines.  This was a much bigger place with a lovely airy cellar door.  And not too many people.  So was a nice followup to the previous place.

Moving Feast
Moving Feast

So a pretty long day, but good fun, thanks for taking me Tony!
Friday - couple of beers at Ha Ha, then to the Labor Club with the parents who had just arrived in town.

Saturday - rainy - the parents went into town and went to the National Portrait Gallery and New and Old Parliament Houses, while we stayed indoors and I did a jigsaw.  Cooked a nice tuna pasta bake for dinner and then we watched the slideshow of our UK 2010 trip (all the photos that are now on the blog).

Sunday - nice day - the parents went to church, and then for a walk along the lake, while we stayed indoors and did not much.  Then they went home, but I was still feeling unsettled and blah.  Watched the Julian Assange story on telly.  Stu suggested a scotch after dinner, but a phone call from work left me wondering if I'd have to go in, so couldn't relax.

Monday - still feeling blah.  Did some house organising but that was about it.


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Yeah so I'm totally behind on photoblogging.  Heck I hadn't even download photos off my cameras in over a week.  

Even though I had a lot of time at home this weekend, I spent most of it on UK photos and playing Flow.  All the panoramas for the UK trip are done, as well as photos for the rest of the trip.  Check it out.  

636 steps on the pedometer today.  Disaster.

Really not wanting to go to work tomorrow.  I just have to keep reminding myself that if I have a bad day and screw up, noone will die...
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