The rest of the weekend

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Yesterday morning we went to As Nature Intended for breakfast.

As Nature Intended
As Nature Intended
Then went to Bunnings and also did our food shopping.

Pretty much the rest of the weekend (aside from the Nara Candle Festival) was spent cleaning and tidying around the house.  Spent quite a while yesterday cleaning the pool while the sweetie did some gardening.  Organised a big pile of computer bits and pieces.  Did some video dubbing (until the DVD player had an error - hoping not a permanent one).  Freecycled our leather lounge suite (the one Stu got on Freecycle when he moved to Canberra in 2006).  Cleared everything off the lounge and study floors.  

The space in here looks *massive* at the moment.  It's quite nice to not see clutter everywhere!  It got to the point tonight where you could *finally* see all the effort that I put in all weekend.  At least in here.  The dining table, family room and downstairs are another matter...


Open said:

I'd hire you in a minute! I can't find a hekoueesper' because I live in a third floor walk up and would like to have the laundry done (I'd pay for it well, of course) but I INISIST on being eco-friendly' and I'd LOVE to have a home organizer' also do my cleaning. I hire a professional home organizer and she does help' but she doesn't do housework' so I'd really benefit' from someone who offered what you are suggesting. I live in Seattle

August 28, 2013 4:46 AM


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