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Had a super quiet day today.  Think I achieved .. well .. nothing.

Tonight DC took pity on me and came over with steak and we got some beer and watched The Right Stuff, which was pretty cool.

Two years ago today we went out to Camden markets and then I went and saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Love Never Dies"

Crapfest of a week

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That had to be one of the crappiest weeks at work I've ever had.  I'm a failure at everything.  And then I get home and realise Optus has cut me off cause I've forgotten a couple of bills.  So I even fail at life.

Two years ago today we had a quiet day in London because Legoland was closed.  Even though I was devastated at the time, it probably worked out for the best in the end - as I went eighteen months later on a glorious sunny day instead of the clouds I would have had if we'd gone that day.
Somehow ended up at 2 Yummy again this week :)  And again we put Jim in charge or ordering, and there was much tasty food.  I might update this blog entry with some photos at some point.. maybe.. ;)

2 Yummy
2 Yummy
2 Yummy
2 Yummy
2 Yummy
2 Yummy
2 Yummy

Work was pretty blah, but not quite as bad as yesterday.  At least a couple of things went right today..

Two years ago today we went to Oxford (in the rain) and saw some nice stuff as well as a couple of Harry Potter locations :)
Utterly horrible day at work.  Broken things all over the place.  Some directly my fault.  Some indirectly my fault.  Some not my fault but still felt somewhat responsible :(:(:(  A day I really really wish I'd stayed home.

Two years ago today we hung around London - going out to see the Thames Flood Barrier and Greenwich.

Owww :(

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Two years ago today we saw the White Cliffs of Dover before heading into London, where I did the Buckingham Palace Staterooms tour.

Gangnam Style!

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So PopAsia played Gangnam Style this morning.  And the family might have danced to the YouTube video this afternoon. But there would never be any video of that, no no no.  Because some of us might get into trouble if that ever leaked onto the internet :)

Yeah so most of Stu's family came over for a roast of (fairly) epic proportions.  There was a chicken roast with apricot and herb stuffing, to which Stu added Dutch carrots, and there was a lamb roast with garlic and Tony's rosemary, to which Stu added parsnips and turnip, my (sort of, not really) famous potato bake, a veggie roast, and beetroot, potato, sweet potato, peas, corn, beans and gravy.  

And funnily enough, there's even plenty of leftovers.  Guess what we'll be eating all week? :)

Family lunch
Family lunch
The kids were (mostly) behaved enough to sit through Star Wars which Annie suggested we put on.  They might be back next weekend for Empire Strikes Back :)

Two years ago today we left Newquay via the Headland Hotel, which featured in The Witches, which was on TV last night!  Stopped in Polperro.  It rained.  Then in Lyme Regis and Portsmouth before ending up in Bognor Regis for the night.


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Burning DVDs of photos, playing Flow, bit of tidying, yum cha at Dumpling Inn, food shopping, failed plans, depression.


Two years ago today we had a relatively quiet day in Cornwall, doing washing, having lunch at a Rick Stein cafe, and going out to Land's End.

Super Tired

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Yesterday something I ate (probably the salad I had with dinner) didn't agree with me and I was lying awake in bed for hours feeling completely uncomfortable :(

Of course that made today even more miserable than it would have been even *with* enough sleep.


Two years ago today we went to Stonehenge, Longleat Maze and Lacock  - the old abbey used in the first two Harry Potter movies, and a house in the town was James and Lily's house.


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Not a good day. Week really.  Nonsense that started Monday continued today.  Fortunately nothing I've done, which is always nice.  Until they find something.  Which they probably will.

Saddened this afternoon to hear about the death of a guy at work from cancer.  Even though I barely knew him - I think I'd talked to him all of twice and played with his iPad once.

Two years ago today we travelled from Bangor in Wales to Salisbury in England.  This was a much better day, starting at Llanfair in the rain, seeing the super cool Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Iron Bridge, and Gloucester Cathedral.  This was one of the more beautiful cathedrals we went to, and of course featured heavily in the first two Harry Potter movies.

Phew - caught up!

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Yeah so I've been a bit lazy keeping up with the blogging.  Sorry for spamming your feed readers with all the entries at once ;)

Today was super quiet.  I did a little housework, played some flow, did some UK photo sorting.  We also finished our Lord of the Rings watching, with The Return of the King.  And only did 795 steps.  Disaster ;)


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Saturday saw us having our annual hanami party with Nat and Andrew.  

Cherry blossom

There were lots of nibbles, teriyaki chicken wings, honey soy drumsticks, potato salad and regular salad.

Hanami party
Hanami party
After lunch we played with Buckyballs, then had a game of Alhambra which I won, and a game of flux which Andrew won.

Nat and buckyballs
Alhambra tiles before splitting them off the runners
Alhambra tiles
My alhambra
My alhambra
Nat was impressed with the box design
Alhambra box

Friday Friday

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In what is becoming almost a weekly tradition of going to drinks on Friday afternoon, we headed to the Ha Ha Bar.

Ha ha Friday
This is posted outside at the moment

Commit No Nuisance
Then I headed into town and met the sweetie at Asian Cafe for dinner.  We had Five Spice and Honey Duck (yumm!) and some Peking King Prawns

Asian Cafe
Asian Cafe
Civic's trees are covered in fairy lights - so pretty :)

Civic pretty lights

Then we went and did our grocery shopping.

Not a bad weekend

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Friday night the sweetie and I continued our Lord of the Rings watching and watched The Two Towers.

Saturday, after documenting daffodils and cherry blossoms, we headed out to Hardly Normal to check out the new version of our couch.  We decided we'd take it.  

Cherry blossom
Parliament House
The sweetie likes the new couch
Lounge take two

Did our food shopping before heading home.

Our plans for having people over on Saturday night fell through, so we drank the beer and did the roast chicken anyway.  After seeing a Hollywood apocalypse video on Neatorama, I thought we should watch a disaster movie, so settled on Armageddon, given that it was also a Michael Clarke Duncan movie, who sadly died this week.

Today we had Damien over.  We (they) chatted for a while before they went downstairs for a war game. 

Gaming Day

I finished this jigsaw in the meantime.  Someone had done some research and labelled it "La Compania de Jesus Church, Cusco, Peru" .. a google image search of that found some stuff that didn't look like it, but a reverse image search found this site, so looks like it's actually Iglesia de la Compañía, Quito, Equador

Church jigsaw

And so ends another weekend.

Gene Weekend

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So where was I?
Oh right, Thursday night.

So after the little meltdown, I decided I needed to watch something fun, so we put on Shakespeare in Love.  Which has a great soundtrack, and had the desired effect.  Fiona eventually came home and had a geeky friend in tow, who was gained admittance with his approval of our doormat (there's no place like  He'd never seen buckyballs, so of course had to be educated :)  The boys talked games, and us girls, well we painted our nails.  Glittery blue-green.  I still maintain they are more blue than green!

Friday. Bosses were out of the office, which meant doing fun stuff.  Like documentation :)  Went home a little early.  The sweetie and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  And then my throat started getting sore.  *sigh*

Saturday morning up at sparrow-fart to drop Fiona off at the bus station.  Back home to attempt to sleep, but my feet were too cold and wouldn't warm up.  And did I mention the sore throat? :(

Got up late, then back to Jolimont, this time to pick up Stu's friend Gene.  We went to Cafe Essen for lunch, before dropping him off to watch the Swans game.  

Stu and Gene
Eggs benedict at Cafe Essen
Eggs Benedict
We cleaned up the house then picked him up again after.  Had dinner at Kingsland in Dickson.  I'm always impressed at how their soy "meats" are close to real meats.

Sang choi bao, and a corn boat
Shantun "chicken"
Shantung Chicken
Tofu hotpot
Tofu hotpot
Mongolian "lamb"
Mongolian Lamb
We took Gene up Mount Ainslie
Mount Ainslie

This morning we went and picked up a friend of Gene's and went to the southside markets.  Lunch was at home before heading into town to wander around the lake, and out to Belco to Lake Ginninderra.  And not a single black swan in sight anywhere!

Someone swimming in Lake Burley Griffin
Swimmer on Lake Burley Griffin
Fountain-bows.  Totally going to send one of these into the Riot-act!
Stu thought the cockatoos would be more interested in the food he was offering if he threw it at them.  They weren't.
Buckbeak has a little brother
Buckbeak's brother

Finally, Stu dropped Gene off late in the afternoon while I put on the dinner (a nice roast we picked up at the markets this morning with some yummy ball carrots) and washing.

So after having people in the house since last Wednesday it was kinda weird to go back to just being us two.  Trying to get back into routine now..
Coughing a bit from the cold I got, but seems it's just a cold, not a flu.  Also Thursday was just a false start, real start was today.  
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