Gene Weekend

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So where was I?
Oh right, Thursday night.

So after the little meltdown, I decided I needed to watch something fun, so we put on Shakespeare in Love.  Which has a great soundtrack, and had the desired effect.  Fiona eventually came home and had a geeky friend in tow, who was gained admittance with his approval of our doormat (there's no place like  He'd never seen buckyballs, so of course had to be educated :)  The boys talked games, and us girls, well we painted our nails.  Glittery blue-green.  I still maintain they are more blue than green!

Friday. Bosses were out of the office, which meant doing fun stuff.  Like documentation :)  Went home a little early.  The sweetie and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  And then my throat started getting sore.  *sigh*

Saturday morning up at sparrow-fart to drop Fiona off at the bus station.  Back home to attempt to sleep, but my feet were too cold and wouldn't warm up.  And did I mention the sore throat? :(

Got up late, then back to Jolimont, this time to pick up Stu's friend Gene.  We went to Cafe Essen for lunch, before dropping him off to watch the Swans game.  

Stu and Gene
Eggs benedict at Cafe Essen
Eggs Benedict
We cleaned up the house then picked him up again after.  Had dinner at Kingsland in Dickson.  I'm always impressed at how their soy "meats" are close to real meats.

Sang choi bao, and a corn boat
Shantun "chicken"
Shantung Chicken
Tofu hotpot
Tofu hotpot
Mongolian "lamb"
Mongolian Lamb
We took Gene up Mount Ainslie
Mount Ainslie

This morning we went and picked up a friend of Gene's and went to the southside markets.  Lunch was at home before heading into town to wander around the lake, and out to Belco to Lake Ginninderra.  And not a single black swan in sight anywhere!

Someone swimming in Lake Burley Griffin
Swimmer on Lake Burley Griffin
Fountain-bows.  Totally going to send one of these into the Riot-act!
Stu thought the cockatoos would be more interested in the food he was offering if he threw it at them.  They weren't.
Buckbeak has a little brother
Buckbeak's brother

Finally, Stu dropped Gene off late in the afternoon while I put on the dinner (a nice roast we picked up at the markets this morning with some yummy ball carrots) and washing.

So after having people in the house since last Wednesday it was kinda weird to go back to just being us two.  Trying to get back into routine now..
Coughing a bit from the cold I got, but seems it's just a cold, not a flu.  Also Thursday was just a false start, real start was today.  


Fiona said:

I'm useless with colours. But ya for painting nails while talking buckyballs!

And between me and Stu, maybe you have a super-cold?

September 3, 2012 8:19 AM


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