Gangnam Style!

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So PopAsia played Gangnam Style this morning.  And the family might have danced to the YouTube video this afternoon. But there would never be any video of that, no no no.  Because some of us might get into trouble if that ever leaked onto the internet :)

Yeah so most of Stu's family came over for a roast of (fairly) epic proportions.  There was a chicken roast with apricot and herb stuffing, to which Stu added Dutch carrots, and there was a lamb roast with garlic and Tony's rosemary, to which Stu added parsnips and turnip, my (sort of, not really) famous potato bake, a veggie roast, and beetroot, potato, sweet potato, peas, corn, beans and gravy.  

And funnily enough, there's even plenty of leftovers.  Guess what we'll be eating all week? :)

Family lunch
Family lunch
The kids were (mostly) behaved enough to sit through Star Wars which Annie suggested we put on.  They might be back next weekend for Empire Strikes Back :)

Two years ago today we left Newquay via the Headland Hotel, which featured in The Witches, which was on TV last night!  Stopped in Polperro.  It rained.  Then in Lyme Regis and Portsmouth before ending up in Bognor Regis for the night.

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