Video Night!

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Last night a couple of Daves, a Neil, a Steve and a Simon came over for a video night.  We'd planned the night for a date which Neil and I were not on call.  But alas, the person who was meant to do on call had a great fall (we're calling him Humpty now) and I ended up with it :(  

But anyway.  

We watched Johnny Mnemonic first up.  Not a bad movie (based on a story by William Gibson) but the acting was *terrible*!!  It was quite painful to watch heh.

Then we watched This is Spinal Tap, which I'd never seen before.  It was pretty funny.  

We ordered six Encore pizzas which were demolished in short order, and an *awful lot* of beer was drunk.  Considering two people were driving, there must have been a couple of people that drunk *a lot* of beer.. heh

October Video Night
October Video Night

Good times :)

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